How Different Are European and Latin American Spanish Really?

Jason Eckerman - Spanish Vault

Update: For one of the most comprehensive Spanish resources available, click here (Latin American variety). This is a guest post from Jason Eckerman who runs a great blog for Spanish learners called Spanish Vault. Jason Eckerman is a language learner from the United States. After learning in classes when he was younger, he’s been learning Spanish… [Read More]

Chinese Characters: How They Work And How To Learn Them

John Renfroe

This is a guest post by John Renfroe from Outlier Linguistic Solutions. John and his team are currently running a Kickstarter campaign for an exciting and unique new app to help people learn Chinese characters. If you’re trying to learn Chinese then head over here and try this. *** My name is John Renfroe. I’m… [Read More]

How To Learn The Turkish Language

Learn The Turkish Language

Since we’re now in the run up to the ANZAC Centenary (the most sacred event on the Aussie and Kiwi calendars) I thought it would be fitting to help those of you who are interested in learning Turkish. Today I’ve revisited and repurposed a guest post from Aaron Myers of the (now sadly defunct) Everyday… [Read More]

Why languages with different scripts aren’t as scary as you think

Lindsay Dow

Today you get to hear from Lindsay who has an awesome language learning blog called Lindsay Does Languages. Lindsay’s a high-energy, polyglot blogger/vlogger from the UK who’s studying a degree in Modern Languages and teaching online through italki. She has lots of experience learning different languages and is currently tackling Japanese while sharing her progress online. Make… [Read More]