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Language Learning Hacks
Guest Post: The Only Real Language Learning Hack
12 responses - Posted 02.05.14

Today’s guest post is from Olly Richards, an accomplished polyglot from the UK who is currently living in Qatar (jealous!).
Olly runs a blog called I Will Teach You A Language where he shares some really sound and helpful advice,…

Ashley Woods - Albania
Guest Post: The Road to Albania Is Paved With Plantains
2 responses - Posted 05.24.13

G’day all.
Today’s guest post is by Ashley Wood of Atlanta ,Georgia who holds an MA in Hispanic Linguistics and speaks Spanish, German and Russian.
Ashley spoke to me recently about a project she’s planning which I think is fantastic…

Aaron Posehn China
Guest Post: How To Succeed At Learning A Foreign Language
10 responses - Posted 01.23.13

Today’s guest post comes from Aaron Posehn who runs the blog For The Love Of Languages.
Aaron’s a Canadian expert in Mandarin Chinese with over 14 years of experience and has recently produced a brilliant guide on learning Chinese characters…

Learn The Turkish Language
Guest Post: Aaron Myers Shares On How To Learn The Turkish Language
5 responses - Posted 10.27.12

Today we have a guest post by my friend Aaron Myers of the Everyday Language Learner blog on his experience with the Turkish language.
A while back I reviewed his Guide To Getting Started and I also guest posted for…


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