Update: Levantine and Iraqi Arabic Mission in Jordan

Jordanian Arabic

Greetings from Amman, Jordan! يعطيك العافية We’ve been here this week working on some great new content for TalkInArabic.com in various dialects (mainly Levantine and Iraqi Arabic this time), exploring the region a bit and meeting some amazing new people. I can’t believe that after all the times I’ve been to the Middle East over… [Read More]

How Foreign Language Immersion Changes Your Perspective On The World

Egypt Arabic Language

I’m deeply saddened by the horrific, senseless murder of 21 Coptic Egyptians in Libya this week. The very first time I lived in Egypt over 12 years ago, I was welcomed by and stayed with a Coptic community in a small village in Upper Egypt (that’s me visiting their church above). They’re some of the… [Read More]

Brutally Honest Review of ArabicPod101


UPDATE: We’ve recently put together a hugely comprehensive site covering all varieties of Arabic with HD video and audio lessons at a fraction of the cost of ArabicPod101. It’s called TalkInArabic.com. Click here to see a sample of our HD video.    **** I always say that one of the biggest problems that Arabic learners… [Read More]