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Rocket Languages
The Most Frank And Honest Review Of Rocket Languages Ever Written
8 responses - Posted 07.02.14

Rocket Languages

Note: I occasionally use affiliate links in review posts like this one which help me to maintain and improve this site and the quality of the content I post.

I only ever positively review and recommend products that I personally

Korean Kids
Why Language Immersions Fail: Unwillingness To Assimilate
14 responses - Posted 10.24.13

Language Immersion

G’day all!

Well… my time in South Korea has come to an end (for now).

An entire year of solid dedication has brought me very far with Korean but it’s time to whack it on my maintenance list and start …

Levantine and Iraqi Arabic
Learning Levantine or Iraqi Arabic? These Are The Books You Need
13 responses - Posted 10.05.13

Levantine and Iraqi Arabic

The two families in this photo are my dear friends from Iraq and Egypt who were pivotal in helping me learn Arabic about 12 years ago. I just caught up with them 2 days ago after being away for the

Best blog posts of 2012
Reflecting On The Most Popular Blog Posts Of 2012
9 responses - Posted 12.29.12

Best blog posts of 2012

G’day from freezing Korea! :)

I hope you all had an awesome Christmas and are now enjoying your break (if you have one that is).

You know, thinking about the fact that the New Year is only a few days away …


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