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Dubai Airport
New Language Challenge: Russia Here I Come!
10 responses - Posted 12.24.13

G’day from sunny Dubai!
Today I’m finally able to share my exciting new language challenge with all of you. I’ve been dying to tell everyone actually but had to make sure the visa was going to come through this time…

Korean Kids
Why Language Immersions Fail: Unwillingness To Assimilate
14 responses - Posted 10.24.13

G’day all!
Well… my time in South Korea has come to an end (for now).
An entire year of solid dedication has brought me very far with Korean but it’s time to whack it on my maintenance list and start…

Scott H Young
Interview: Scott H. Young’s Year Without English Project
no responses - Posted 09.24.13

I’ve been a regular reader of Scott’s blog ever since I heard about him completing a 4 year MIT course in computer science in just 1 year.
He and a friend have just recently started a pretty inspiring project of…

Learning the Korean language
My 11 Month Progress Video Learning The Korean Language
9 responses - Posted 09.18.13

Last September I had a great idea to put together a progress video of me speaking Korean every month during my time in Korea.
As much as I enjoy sharing it with you, it was mainly meant to be…


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