How Important Is Reading For Learning To Speak a Language? Not Very. Here’s Why…

Reading and Foreign Language Learning

This post assumes something about you. You’re learning (or would like to learn) to speak a foreign language. If you’re learning a foreign language because you’re interested in foreign literature or just want to read then it isn’t quite as applicable. Likewise if you’re taking a course that requires you to focus on literacy skills then… [Read More]

The Fail-Safe Way To Learn Foreign Language Vocabulary

Learning Foreign Vocabulary

Recently I started another course of university study in teaching/education (sucker for punishment!) which has been a great chance to delve deeper into memory and cognition. It’s one thing we covered in Applied Linguistics and I find the whole subject of memory to be such a fascinating thing – especially as a language learner since so much… [Read More]

Knowing More Than One Language Is Not That Extraordinary

Monolingualism is unusual

Did you know that people who only speak one language are a small minority group in the world? Consider this: There are roughly 7 billion people on Earth right now. Most of those people are speakers of at least 2 – 3 languages. This is a difficult concept for a lot of monolingual speakers (people… [Read More]