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Language Learning Process
Why Disliking Learning Languages Is Not A Good Thing
14 responses - Posted 02.18.12

[UPDATE: Please read this post concerning the comments that have been removed from here.] 
I don’t want to spend much time talking about this or fueling any controversy but I thought it was definitely worthy of a few points of…

Pronunciation Foreign Language
Get Your Foreign Language Pronunciation Right From The Start
16 responses - Posted 01.13.12

In my time traveling and living abroad in many different countries it’s always bugged me when I’ve met expats with shamefully bad pronunciation despite them having a good level of fluency in the local language.
These people usually employ the…

The Most Moving Language-Related Video I’ve Ever Seen
6 responses - Posted 01.08.12

Ah… another video. This one won’t be an ordeal like the one I made for my last post don’t worry!
I wanted to quickly share with you the most moving language-related video I’ve ever seen.
Yu Ming Is Ainm Dom…

Tree Greek
Using Feelings And Senses To Learn Foreign Languages
6 responses - Posted 01.06.12

This is a bit of a follow-on from what I previously wrote on Mastering Foreign Vocabulary.
Did you know that the most common and erroneous way that a lot of us try to learn foreign language vocabulary, phrases and expressions…


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