The Fail-Safe Way To Learn Foreign Language Vocabulary

Learning Foreign Vocabulary

Recently I started another course of university study in teaching/education (sucker for punishment!) which has been a great chance to delve deeper into memory and cognition. It’s one thing we covered in Applied Linguistics and I find the whole subject of memory to be such a fascinating thing – especially as a language learner since so much… [Read More]

Knowing More Than One Language Is Not That Extraordinary

Monolingualism is unusual

Did you know that people who only speak one language are a small minority group in the world? Consider this: There are roughly 7 billion people on Earth right now. Most of those people are speakers of at least 2 – 3 languages. This is a difficult concept for a lot of monolingual speakers (people… [Read More]

7 Questions You Have To Ask Before Buying A Language Product (#3 Is Vital)


The challenge that most of us often face when buying books or resources to learn a foreign language is not that there isn’t enough available. The problem is that there’s so much out there that it can be tough to decide what’s good and what isn’t. And a lot of it is frankly rubbish. There’s… [Read More]

11 Unmistakable Characteristics Of A Damn Good Language Learner

Arabic Lesson

Note: I’ve got some big announcements coming soon which I’ll only be sharing initially with mailing subscribers. If you’re interested then select the language you’re learning, enter your email and click ‘Join’ above (most previous sign-ups need to be done again unfortunately). Thanks! *** What makes a person a damn good language learner? Why do they seem to… [Read More]