How To Find The Motivation To Learn A Language

Finding motivation to learn languages

Recently I wrote about how one of the biggest struggles people face when learning another language is finding time (according to many of you who I surveyed). The response I gave can pretty much be summed up like this: Minimalist living → Less work → Less hours stuck doing things that enslave us → More… [Read More]

What To Do When You Can’t Find Time For Things That Matter

Finding Time for Language Learning

I recently sent out an email asking people what their biggest hurdles are when learning another language and before long my inbox was flooded with responses. Of all the responses I got from people, you know what the most common problem was? Time. I half expected to mostly hear things like speaking, listening, learning vocab,… [Read More]

8 Ways That My Punishing Fitness Regimen Has Enhanced My Learning

Language Learning

I find that the gym is one of the best places to meet new people and practice the language when I move to a new foreign country. Over the last two years, I’ve relocated to South Korea, Russia, Italy and now Egypt. Four countries. In all of these places joining the local gym has been… [Read More]

11 Unmistakable Characteristics Of A Damn Good Language Learner

Arabic Lesson

Note: I’ve got some big announcements coming soon which I’ll only be sharing initially with mailing subscribers. If you’re interested then select the language you’re learning, enter your email and click ‘Join’ above (most previous sign-ups need to be done again unfortunately). Thanks! *** What makes a person a damn good language learner? Why do they seem to… [Read More]