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Tatarstan Kremlin
Language Immersion In Russia – First Impressions After 1 Month
5 responses - Posted 02.14.14

Behind me and my new friend there is the Qolşärif mosque at the Kremlin in Kazan. It’s a nice place to visit even when it’s freezing cold.
G’day all!
I’ve already been living in Russia for about a month,…

Darren Rowse - Problogger Event 2013
How Going Public Can Supercharge Your Motivation To Learn Languages
10 responses - Posted 09.15.13

I’ve just come back from a great weekend at the Problogger Event with 450 other bloggers (put together by Darren Rowse of Problogger). As a writer and someone passionate about being part of an online community it was great to…

Korean TOPIK test
Preparing For TOPIK and Reflecting On a Tough Year in Korea
14 responses - Posted 06.27.13

This is a Korean fitness blogger at my gym who has been one of the many people I’ve practised Korean with over the last 9 months. When I’m not at work or learning Korean this is usually where I…

Korea Hagwon
Ask The Readers: Language Specialist or Jack-of-All-Languages?
26 responses - Posted 05.30.13

It was my birthday yesterday and some of my favourite Korean students made me a cake out of chocolate cookies.
They spent all their pocket money to buy the ingredients! 
As a late birthday request I was wondering if you…


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