Learning Spanish? This Is Guaranteed To Impress You

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Learning Spanish? This Is Guaranteed To Impress You

If you’re serious about learning Spanish then I want to quickly fill you in on an excellent and completely free online resource that you probably won’t find anywhere else.

In this post I introduced you to the DLIFLC online learning system called G.L.O.S.S which is accessed through the products page on their website.

Head back over to that page and click on this link down the bottom:

DLIFLC Phone Conversations

This leads to an online audio library of real life, native speaker phone conversations in a range of Spanish and Arabic dialects.

**I decided to write this post specifically for Spanish learners because a lot of people who have been coming here have been looking for help with Spanish.

These are the Latin American dialects, levels of difficulty and subjects available:

Spanish Dialects - DLIFLC

As I said in the other post the levels range from around pre-intermediate level and go up to advanced.

Remember, these are real conversations between native speakers and it’s all in region-specific dialects. If you’re planning to go to Latin America but want to learn some Spanish beforehand I strongly urge you to make good use of this resource.

There’s also a little iPod button you can click to download the audio files so you can listen on-the-go.

A vital part of learning any language is improving your listening and comprehension skills which comes from constant exposure to the target language.

This is why having native speaker phone conversations that you can pause, rewind and replay repeatedly is such a helpful thing to have.

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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Christian Barton

Christian Barton

Hi! I just gave this GLOSS product a try and I agree with you, it's a very good resource, not only for Spanish learners but also for Spanish teachers I would say. Many teachers usually struggle to get material, there's so much material out there that sometimes it could get confusing. This site is definitely one I would recommend. The recordings I listened to were really good, good diction, good pronunciation and very clear.
Thanks for the tip!



How do I exactly get to the page that allows me to choose a particular Spanish accent?



I'll be interested to take a look when it's back up. You're right that there is almost nothing available for learning materials on different Spanish accents. In the US, you are barely even taught that different vocabularies, grammar and pronunciation exist from one country to the next. My guess is there's a similar situation in other countries as well.

In fact, in my experience, many native Spanish speakers don't even realize how varied the language is from one country to the next. Kind of like the English differences of loo and toilet, hood-bonnet or elevator-lift, but much more extensive, to the point of not understanding other native speakers.

One of my typical examples is the word KITE. In different Spanish countries you can say: chiringa, volantin, papalote, cometa and barrilete. Plus, I am sure there are more.

In the reverse, the Spanish word TACO may mean a pool stick, a traffic jam, a women's shoe heel, the famous Mexican food or a notepad (like post-it notes). Again, not every native speaker understands or uses every one of those meanings.

This keeps me entertained days on end!



Thanks Donovan!
This is a really great resource for practicing and improving listening skills.

"The limits of my language mean the limits of my world."
- Ludwig Wittgenstein
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