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Re: First introduction

Donovan Nagel

Hi Donovan


Salutations from Paris , France 😮 WOW this website is just GREAT i was wondering for months if any such existed :wink::wink::wink:



My name’s Nina i am french/russian . I am 22 years old.

I have a BA in hindi and bengali from Parisian INALCO (oriental school, literature and linguistics).

I am also writing dramas as a hobbie and reading a lot. I play badminton and surf in south france ocean :) See, Australia isnt the only country where to surf !


My languages skills are: German, Spanish, English (good) French (mothertongue), Hindi (good) Bengali, Persian (average),  Japanese (3 years study)

I am also learning by myself: Polish, russian, arabic, indonesian, tamil, corean, chinese, tibetan.

Only living languages because I love (despite of outstanding poeti potential in each lang. ) to be able to communicate…


I have difficulties with tibetan and vietnamese but i manage with the others trying to focuse on oral and meeting people natives from all around the world… DATS WHY THIS WEBSITE IS IMPORTANT!


I attempt to give each day 20 minutes per language (20 lang) in a routine. My goal is to become fluent in most of them =D

Mission impossible?


Cheers 😳


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