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Liza Corpuz

@Donovan Nagel said:
avatarbeer.pngG’day all!

This forum is for introductions so people can get to know a bit about each other.

I figured I should introduce myself first (even though many of you probably already know quite a bit about me from my blog).

My name’s Donovan and I’m from Brisbane, QLD, Australia (that’s smack-bang in the middle of the east coast). This year I’ll be 29 years old.

I have an MA Applied Linguistics (not the same as linguistics!), I do occasional work as an Arabic->English translator and I’m currently living in South Korea learning Korean (while teaching English). After conquering Korean I plan to turn my attention to minority and endangered languages which is something I’m really passionate about, and I’m considering the possibility of a PhD on some area of second language acquisition in the next few years.

My skill set (in no particular order of proficiency):

Egyptian Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic, Classical Arabic, Levantine Arabic, Georgian, Irish, French, Koine Greek, Ancient Hebrew and now Korean.

I also have levels of basic competency in German, Italian, Russian and Mandarin (the latter of which I learned in school for 5 years). Still undecided if I’ll take these 4 languages up again in the near future or not.

My other interests and hobbies include the gym, violin/fiddle, bass guitar, travel/adventure, computer programming, graphic and web design, video and photography, and politics.

I run this website too of course which is something I’m also pretty passionate about!


Wow, very impressive. I lived in Italy for two years and of course learned the beautiful Italian language. I was on an Italian wrestling team and all the instruction was in Italian. Also I had an Italian girlfriend and many Italian friends that only spoke to me in Italian. Then when I came back to California I learned Spanish since it is close to Italian.  Took 18 classes of Spanish over the years. I went to school and lived with a Mexican family in San Miguel De Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico. Then in 2007 I got a scholarship and went back to Italy and attended school in Perugia, Umbria, Italy. I taught high school Spanish for years and Itallian to adults for 7 years. I have a black belt TKD and learned Korean from my years practicing that art. Got my black belt in Judo and learned Japanese that way. My neighbors on both sides of my house are Chinese and my girlfriend speaks Chinese so I’m learning Chinese. Been to France 4 times and have learned French. I taught English to Brazilian students and learned to speak Portuguese. Mi piace parlare moltissimo.:D


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