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Re: First introduction


Hello  all, it is so nice to have found this page. My name is Carolina and I am a native speaker of Brazilian Portuguese, I am originally from Rio de Janeiro. I hold a BA in letters, English and Portuguese and an MA in literature in English but that was all a while ago, after that I saw fit to join the Brazilian Foreing Service and I am now posted to Tel Aviv. This is my first posting within the Foreign Service and I have been living in Tel Aviv for a year.

I speak Portuguese, English, French, I can understand Spanish since it is very similar to my native Portuguese. During my first year out here I studied some Arabic (spoken palestinian dilaect) and next week I will restart with the Arabic and possibly Hebrew at the Ulpan.

I love learning new languages, specially when one reaches the level of starting to notice how languagecan  convey so much of the culture and habits of a given place. Since joining the FS, I have missed learning and studying on a more dedicated level. I am excited about going back to language learning since now I do seem to have gotten my time more organized.

Other than languages, I love reading books, I mainly read novels in English, and movies and I take regular ballet classes which were something I used to be very passionate about growing up, and now do it for the exercise and because it is also fun, of course. I am 33 years old, actually just turned, and it is nice to meet you guys.

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