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Re: First introduction


Hi everyone,

I’m Amanda, and I live and work as an anthropologist and archaeologist in Alice Springs, capital of outback Australia.

I’ve got a PhD in anthropology, for what it’s worth (not much in terms of $, but a lot of grey hair!). You’ll probably guess from my work and location that I speak and study languages that virtually no one else does – Aboriginal languages in Central Australia, and for which there are few online resources. I speak Arrernte (pronounced a-RRUN-duh – trill the double ‘r’), Indonesian (went to university in Java) and a bit of German. I’ve just started learning another Aboriginal language, Pitjantjatjara (prounounced PIDj-un-djara), which is one the languages of the people who live around Uluru. As you’ve probably guessed, I love learning languages like everyone else here.

I’ve just started work on a new contract with the Aboriginal Interpreter Service here in Alice Springs, and will be going out to bush communities, training new Aboriginal interpreters to work with Aboriginal people and whitefellas (yes, that’s the real word we use here to describe Caucasian people) in all kinds of situations, such as in courts, in government departments, in hospitals, when dealing with the police etc.

My other interests include: reading, running, being a fitness nut, web design, travel and I run a number of websites.

So I’m hoping to be inspired and also see if there’s any other people around who are learning languages that are way, way, way, out of the ordinary, and picking up tips etc.



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