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Re: First introduction



My name is Kelsey. I am currently working on my undergraduate degree.  I started learning German on my own in high school, and I have taken German, Russian and Japanese in college. I am working on a comparative literature and translation degree.  However, I have noticed that I have had very little interest in Japanese, and my interest in Arabic is only growing, as I am interested in becoming a translator of both Arabic and Russian texts, so I decided to drop Japanese from my formal education, and add Arabic. But of course I will continue to work on my Japanese in my free time.

In the future, I would like to also learn Modern Greek, because of my heritage, Turkish, and possibly Hindi, or Persian.  But I will work on these other 4 languages first.

I love literature, and right now I am in Russia as an intern, teaching English. I will return to the USA in two weeks.  I have been studying Russian for a year, and I love it, but it is the most difficult language for me, at the moment.

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