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Honest Integrated Korean Textbook Series Review - Is It Worth It?

October 28, 2016
You can buy expensive audio books and make multiple in-app purchases to learn Korean, or make one of the BEST investments that can easily be found in Integrated Korean and 'KLEAR' textbooks.

The Most Honest Assimil Review You'll Ever Read

September 13, 2016
Here I've tried to provide you with a detailed and very balanced review of the Assimil method.

Honest Review of Nakama 1 For Japanese, Third Edition

August 06, 2016
I had no idea about more complex sentences and phrases, idioms, etc. in Japanese until I used the Nakama 1 textbook.

How To Learn Hindi (Best Resources)

June 10, 2016
Here are the highest quality Hindi resources, books and online tools to help you learn the language.

How To Survive Any Situation In Mandarin Chinese

August 09, 2015
Mandarin Chinese
This is all about showing you exactly how to acquire what you need in Chinese leading up to a trip to China or Taiwan.

How Important Is Reading For Learning To Speak a Language? Not Very. Here's Why...

July 02, 2015
To what extent does literacy benefit speaking? Can reading produce spoken fluency in a foreign language? Let me clear a few things up.

Learning The Irish Language? These Are The Resources You Need

March 14, 2015
This is a brief and very selective list of the best quality resources currently available for learning the Irish language (Gaeilge).

Best Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas For Language Learners

December 09, 2014
Here are a few last minute Christmas gift ideas if you're shopping for anyone who's into languages or wants to learn a language.

7 Questions You Have To Ask Before Buying A Language Product

September 25, 2014
Are you considering buying a book, audio series or software package to help you learn a language? Here are 7 serious questions you need to ask first.

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