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Introducing: The Mezzofanti Guild v3.0 (Relaunched!)

August 07, 2020
Today I’m unveiling The Mezzofanti Guild (version 3.0), completely redesigned and redeveloped from the ground up.

New Mission: Learn To Speak Icelandic In 6 Months

August 05, 2020
Within 6 months, my aim is to be able to converse fairly comfortably with an Icelandic native speaker.

Why I No Longer Bother With 'Progress Videos' For Language Missions

May 04, 2020
Carefully timed, prepared and edited language progress videos do not truthfully reflect the reality of your current skill level.

Now Hiring: Language Learners And Polyglot Writers/Content Creators

April 30, 2020
I'm on the lookout for some language learning/polyglot superstars who are passionate about sharing their experiences and good at writing creative content.

How To Stay Relevant As A Language Learning Blogger In 2020

February 18, 2019
How people engage with blogs, channels and social media looks almost nothing like what it did when I began blogging about language learning eight years ago.

Learning About A Language ≠ Learning A Language

February 04, 2019
The Michel Thomas Method might explain a language as a concept in a way that you understand, but languages are not concepts to be grasped.

Global Homogeneity Has Made The World Boring And Ruined Adventure

December 21, 2018
This is really the first time in human history that we can honestly say we've dominated every corner of our planet. We can look at any square inch of ground in any country on any continent at any time of the day with a simple swipe of our finger.

UPDATE: Greek, The Gaeltacht And More Big News

July 08, 2018
I'm long overdue for an update on what's been happening recently with my language project and plans for 2018. Also, big news.

So Much Can Happen In 2 Years [VIDEO]

February 10, 2018
I was looking at my YouTube channel yesterday and realized it's been over two years since I last recorded a video. Two years! So here it is.

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