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How To Use Audacity For Language Learning [+ Subtitles]

February 14, 2019
There's a great trick for using Audacity to create language snippet labels and then convert them into minimally-distracting .SRT subtitles. Let me show you.

How To Use Linux For Language Learning (Part 3: LWT, mpv, qutebrowser)

November 20, 2017
In this video I show you a few things I'm working on to improve the usability of Learning With Texts in Linux.

How To Use Linux For Language Learning (Part 2: youtube-dl, mpv, qutebrowser + ranger bindings)

November 13, 2017
In this video I show you my fun little convenience hacks when working with online video and subtitles to build my own collection of learning material.

How To Use Linux For Language Learning (Part 1: mpd, ncmpcpp + trans with Assimil)

November 05, 2017
Linux is the preferred OS of many language learners including myself so I''ve put together some screencasts of my Linux setup for language learning for you.

Why Language Learning App Innovation Has Peaked

January 08, 2017
No matter how impressive new ‘innovative’ apps and websites for language learning seem, most show little to no innovation whatsoever.

How To Install Learning With Texts On Your Own Computer

July 04, 2012
Here you'll find a brief, straightforward how-to for installing Learning With Texts on your own computer or laptop.

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