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Levantine and Iraqi Arabic
Learning Levantine or Iraqi Arabic? These Are The Books You Need
13 responses - Posted 10.05.13

Levantine and Iraqi Arabic

The two families in this photo are my dear friends from Iraq and Egypt who were pivotal in helping me learn Arabic about 12 years ago. I just caught up with them 2 days ago after being away for the

Language Fluency to Mastery
How To Go From Basic Fluency To Mastery In A Foreign Language Using The Chunking Method
14 responses - Posted 11.04.12

Language Fluency to Mastery

Today I’m going to share a video with you demonstrating one of my simple, routine methods for learning any language.

This is a highly effective strategy that will push you toward native-like fluency in a way that does not involve …

Egyptian Girls
12 Lessons Learned Proposing To An Egyptian Girl Who Only Spoke Arabic
172 responses - Posted 10.03.12

Egyptian Marriage

It’s time.

I’ve been here in Korea for two weeks and I’ve been hearing quite a bit about cross-cultural relationships as there seem to be so many foreigners here dating Korean men and women.

Hearing about the cultural differences and …

Libyan guy in Egypt
Arabic and Hebrew: Why Semitic Languages Are Not Difficult
69 responses - Posted 04.16.12

Libyan guy in Egypt

If you’re interested in the Arabic language, I’ve shared the best available resources for learning various dialects here and here.


I read a lot of comments on forums and other blogs, and have received emails from people asking …


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