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If you’d like to contact me directly you can do that here.

However, please note that these days I get quite a few emails and direct messages through this site and social media so if I can’t respond to you immediately don’t take it personally!

I’m a busy guy – on top of this blog I work a normal day job, translate, socialize and of course, continue to learn languages. I’ll respond to you ASAP.

Take note of these general rules for contacting me here:

Guest post offers are very welcome but I only accept really high quality writing from experienced language learners, travel bloggers and linguists. Don’t bother sending a request if that’s not your style. PLEASE NOTE: I will not accept guest posts from companies who write generic garbage even if there’s money offered. Not interested. Please stop asking!

I’m always open to trialling products and writing reviews if I find them helpful. If you have a new product – an app, book or site – that you’d like me to review here let me know about it.

I like to hear from the media. After my trip to Ireland for the Irish language, I received several radio interview requests and 3 national newspaper interviews. This is important to me as the main goal of this blog as well as all my time, energy and money is to promote and encourage language learning (especially minority languages). Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

To people who want general language learning advice (I get a lot of this now) – I’ll try my best to get back to you but please read through my blog to see what my method for language learning is.

Looking to advertise? I do a have a few small (not overly obtrusive) ads on my site at the moment with good traffic. If you’d like to advertise in the sidebar then get in touch with me for prices.

Anyone trying to sell me SEO garbage or increase my Google ranking - I have no interest in that and it will be sent straight to the spambox. Don’t plague my inbox please.

Other than that, if you just want to connect and be friends – awesome! But the best way to do it is through my Facebook page. Click here to go there. :)

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