Is Rocket French Worth The Money?

Rocket French

No doubt you’ve heard about Rocket French (part of the Rocket Languages series). Well, it describes itself as a ‘recognized leader in online language learning’ and it’s been popular language learning product for over 10 years. When I first sampled Rocket French (and before that Rocket Arabic), I admit that I didn’t have high expectations… [Read More]

How To Understand At Least 20% Of Every Conversation In A Foreign Language

Asaki Japanese Beer

[Note (for those who asked): The beer in the photo is only a part of my solution!] That post title sounds like another bloody gimmick!  Don’t worry. I hate gimmicky crap as much as you do. But if you want some genuine advice on how to master at least 20% of every conversation in your… [Read More]

Using Feelings And Senses To Learn Foreign Languages

Tree Greek

This is a bit of a follow-on from what I previously wrote on Mastering Foreign Vocabulary. Did you know that the most common and erroneous way that a lot of us try to learn foreign language vocabulary, phrases and expressions is by repetition of the foreign language word/s and the translation in our native language? If… [Read More]