Chinese Characters: How They Work And How To Learn Them

John Renfroe

This is a guest post by John Renfroe from Outlier Linguistic Solutions. John and his team are currently running a Kickstarter campaign for an exciting and unique new app to help people learn Chinese characters. If you’re trying to learn Chinese then head over here and try this. *** My name is John Renfroe. I’m… [Read More]

How Arabic Words Made It Into The Chinese Language

Chinese Mosque

Today’s guest post comes from accomplished polyglot Judith Meyer. She runs a blog called LearnLangs and was also the organizer for the Polyglot Conference in Berlin this year. *** I still remember a high school history class on what might be called the Islamic Civilization – the series of Arab states and caliphates that experienced… [Read More]

Guest Post: How To Succeed At Learning A Foreign Language

Aaron Posehn China

Today’s guest post comes from Aaron Posehn who runs the blog For The Love Of Languages. Aaron’s a Canadian expert in Mandarin Chinese with over 14 years of experience and has recently produced a brilliant guide on learning Chinese characters called chinEASE that I’ve been enjoying reading over the last week.  I’ve been following his blog for… [Read More]