Detailed and Honest RussianPod101 Review

RussianPod101 Review

It can be hard to find good, reliable resources for learning the Russian language. I became a fluent speaker of Russian while doing language immersion in Russia recently and I can say from experience that it was a daily struggle without good learning material. For such an important language like Russian there’s a disappointing lack… [Read More]

How To Start Learning Russian

Learning Russian

This guest post is from Natalie who runs a blog called Fluent Historian. Natalie’s one of the most passionate bloggers I follow – she writes quite prolifically about Russian and Eastern European politics and literature, and is super well-informed about that part of the world. Today she’s sharing a bit about her experience learning Russian which… [Read More]

11 Random Things I Learned From My Incredible Experience Living In Russia

Russian Language Immersion

Today I’m going to share a few fairly random but very interesting things with you that I learned during my language immersion stay in Russia. Looking over this small list now, nearly all of it is positive and I’m sure there’s so much more I could have added. Russia’s a beautiful country full of interesting,… [Read More]

Italian Immersion, Update On Russian and My Special Birthday Request (Video)

Italy language immersion

Ciao a tutti! I’m finally back in Europe renting an apartment for a few months in a gorgeous little town up near the Italian/Swiss border. It’s nice to finally relax. I had originally planned to stay in Russia long into the summer so I could visit the Sami settlements on the Kola peninsular but unfortunately… [Read More]