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Learning Russian
How To Learn A Language That Has Really ‘Hard’ Grammar Easily
11 responses - Posted 03.18.14

Happy Spring time, all
It’s been about 8 weeks now since I moved to Russia and started immersing myself in the Russian language.
Despite all the bad news coming out about the whole Russia/Ukraine thing, everything’s fine.
I was actually…

Tatarstan Kremlin
Language Immersion In Russia – First Impressions After 1 Month
5 responses - Posted 02.14.14

Behind me and my new friend there is the Qolşärif mosque at the Kremlin in Kazan. It’s a nice place to visit even when it’s freezing cold.
G’day all!
I’ve already been living in Russia for about a month,…

Language Learning Hacks
Guest Post: The Only Real Language Learning Hack
12 responses - Posted 02.05.14

Today’s guest post is from Olly Richards, an accomplished polyglot from the UK who is currently living in Qatar (jealous!).
Olly runs a blog called I Will Teach You A Language where he shares some really sound and helpful advice,…

The Real Reason You Forgot The Language You Studied In School
5 responses - Posted 10.29.13

Do we gradually forget languages?
What happened to the foreign languages we learned in school? Are they lost and can we pick them up again quickly if they are?
Now that my year in Korea is over, I’ve been spending…


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