10 Excellent Advanced Level English Language Resources

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10 Excellent Advanced Level English Language Resources

Trying to improve your advanced English fluency?

Studying exclusively from a textbook may not help you reach your goal at this level, and sometimes the lessons you study in an English course can be inadequate (especially at an advanced level).

Some tricky grammar rules, slang, idioms, and pronunciation challenges may also make learning difficult.

If you’ve been looking for the best advanced English resources for reading, writing, speaking and listening and want to practice even more to perfect your skills, look no further.

Below, I’ve shared my favorite resources for students at this level.

Let’s take a look.

Free advanced English resources

If you need free advanced English resources to hone your language skills, check out the list below for the best options available.

1. WordReference for vocabulary building and verb conjugations

I highly recommend WordReference as an option to search for the definition of words, build your English language vocabulary, find definitions with a dictionary, perfect your verb conjugations and even get examples of new words in sentences.

WordReference offers a verb conjugator for the English language, so you can check whether a verb is irregular, find out the participle form, learn what the gerund form of a verb is, and see different verb tenses and moods.

2. Grammar in Levels for verb conjugations and grammar

Grammar in Levels offers advanced English students several grammar-related lessons to help them master various verbs.

You can use the resource to learn about the present perfect continuous, phrasal verbs, the past perfect, the present perfect and many other challenging grammatical rules.

In each grammar lesson, you can access several stories to see examples of using the verbs in various contexts.

3. ELSA Speak to perfect your speaking skills

You may have already reached an upper-intermediate level and speak English well; however, if you want to refine your American accent, ELSA Speak is an excellent application you can use for free.

This application functions with artificial intelligence to coach you when speaking English; it will refine your accent with its many features.

For example, with ELSA Speak, you can speak to the app and use its artificial intelligence feature to learn how to improve your pronunciation.

This app will give precise advice on phonetic sounds that may not align with the standard American accent.

After recording your first attempt, this app will also tell you which syllables or intonation you need to perfect when speaking in English so you can retry and follow the advice to improve.

4. English Grammar - to perfect your listening skills

Finding advanced English listening exercises can be challenging, but English Grammar makes this easy.

This website offers a selection of listening exercises that are multiple-choice.

There are several exercises, from topics on the environment to fashion and technology.

The English Grammar website also offers matching exercises and missing word summaries that require you to listen to recorded audio and answer the questions.

5. Grammarly to perfect your writing skills

The free version of Grammarly is well worth using as an advanced English student, especially if you need to get better at spelling complex English words or improving your punctuation skills.

Grammarly is a browser extension for Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Google Docs and Microsoft Word.

You can also use a separate version of this app for your iPad, Android or iPhone.

Grammarly will help you correct common mistakes when writing in English.

You can also use the free version to check the conciseness of your writing.

6. News in Levels to perfect your reading skills

The News in Levels website provides advanced English students with current news stories.

You can read the articles in a few levels, but I recommend level three if you are an upper-intermediate or advanced student.

For each article, News in Levels defines the challenging words in the text to help you understand the meaning.

You can also listen to the audio version of the article to develop your English listening skills

Paid advanced English resources

Searching for the top paid advanced English resources?

See the list below for the top options to help you master English at an advanced level.

1. italki to perfect your speaking skills

With italki you can interact with a teacher online and develop your English speaking skills with the support you need.

italki offers professional, higher-level lessons for advanced learners that you can customise according to your availability or schedule.

You can choose your customisable lesson, but I recommend the higher-level options if you are a C1 or C2 student.

The prices for italki vary depending on the teacher you choose.

They range from $4 to $80 per session, and you can choose between professional teachers who are highly skilled and qualified or community teachers who coach you to improve your skills.

2. English Learning for Curious Minds to perfect your listening skills

With the English Learning for Curious Minds podcast, you can listen to a selection of intriguing topics, such as banned books or technology language learning-related podcasts.

Transcripts are available with the English Learning for Curious Minds podcasts, and you can access subtitles and vocabulary lists to help you understand the meaning of the sentences.

English Learning for Curious Minds costs €15 per month.

3. Udemy to perfect your writing skills

Udemy offers various English writing courses to help you hone your writing skills.

From writing emails for business to essays at the C1 level, plenty of courses will help you master writing in English.

Prices for the Udemy courses vary; some courses, such as the Cambridge English C1 (CAE) Essential Essay Writing Guide, cost €49.99, while others, such as the Formal Email Writing - Business English course, cost €24.99.

4. Practice Makes Perfect Advanced English Reading and Comprehension to perfect your reading skills

The Practice Makes Perfect Reading and Comprehension English book features 15 texts on challenging and entertaining topics such as DNA evidence, ecotourism and medical technology.

You can use this resource to read texts and answer questions to help you develop your English reading and comprehension skills.

You can answer “true or false” questions, questions requiring longer written responses, and multiple-choice questions.

Practice Makes Perfect for reading and comprehension costs $20.00.

Which other advanced English level resources are ideal for the C1 level?

If you want to build fluency, here are some ideal advanced resources for speaking, listening, reading and writing in English.

1. Hemingway for writing clearly

If you have already reached the B2 or C1 level, you may already know how to write well in English.

However, the Hemingway app can assist you if you are aiming for a more concise writing style.

The Hemingway app was given this title after the American writer Ernest Hemingway, whose writing style was simple.

The app helps you make your writing clearer and more concise.

It will tell you when you have used the passive voice or when you should reduce the complexity of your sentences.

The desktop version of this app costs $19.99.

2. Readlang for word definitions and reading

Pausing and looking up word definitions when reading in English can take a lot of time.

One of the best resources for avoiding this constant stopping and starting is the Readlang Chrome extension.

Use the extension to click on the English word you’re unfamiliar with and find the definition instantly.

If you want unlimited translations, you can pay $5 per month; otherwise, the Readlang app is free for 10 translations per day.

3. Coursera for perfecting punctuation

English punctuation rules can be difficult to understand, but with Coursera, you can perfect your knowledge quickly.

The course you’re looking for is the Advanced Grammar and Punctuation Specialisation, which will teach you about conjunctions, adverbs, connectives, clauses, all 12 verb tenses in the English language, and more.

4. mmmEnglish YouTube channel for a range of English skills

The mmmEnglish YouTube channel features several videos on different topics.

From advanced adjectives to describe personality to phrases for conversations, you can learn several skills from mmmEnglish.

There are also videos on different English accents and how to understand native English speakers who speak quickly.

If you’re interested in learning English idioms, the mmmEnglish YouTube channel also features videos related to this topic.

Using advanced English resources: Which ones are your favourite?

Advanced English resources can augment your studies and help you perfect your key English skills.

There are plenty to choose from and this list is a good starting point.

What are your recommendations for advanced English resources?

Share them below!

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