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New Mission: Learn To Speak Icelandic In 6 Months

August 05, 2020
Within 6 months, my aim is to be able to converse fairly comfortably with an Icelandic native speaker.

Language Learning Goals Despite Uncertainty (+ Relaunch Coming!)

July 30, 2020
I've been working overtime for the past few months to redevelop MezzoGuild while also hiring content creators for the new platform.
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Why I No Longer Bother With 'Progress Videos' For Language Missions

May 2020
Carefully timed, prepared and edited language progress videos do not truthfully reflect the reality of your current skill level.

Hebrew Picture Dictionary: Learn The Hebrew Language Through Memes

May 2020
A meme is an image or idea that spreads quickly. See how much you can learn about Israeli culture and the Hebrew language through these symbols.
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Now Hiring: Language Learners And Polyglot Writers/Content Creators

Apr 2020
I'm on the lookout for some language learning/polyglot superstars who are passionate about sharing their experiences and good at writing creative content.

14 Best Levantine Arabic Shows To Learn Arabic From (Netflix)

Apr 2020
Levantine Arabic shows are often exaggerated, but insights can still be gained into the language, as well as the history and politics of the region.

Why You Should Learn A Language Under COVID-19 Lockdown

Apr 2020
Language (online) education seems to be one of the few fields actually benefiting from the COVID-19 lockdown (for now).

French Accent Marks For Beginners (+ How To Type On PC And Mac)

Jan 2020
Today we’ll take a look at some of the French language (and our keyboard)’s most well-hidden secrets: the French accent marks.

5 Things I Learned Speaking Arabic At An Egyptian Wedding

Jan 2020
The Egyptian wedding was awesome, and throughout the night I spoke a ton of Arabic with hardly any problems. Here are five takeaways from my experience.

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"The limits of my language mean the limits of my world."
- Ludwig Wittgenstein