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If you’d like to contact me directly you can do that here.

However, please note that these days I get so many emails and direct messages through this site and social media. If I can’t respond to you quickly, don’t take it personally!

I’m a busy guy - on top of this blog I have a family, run a business, socialize and of course, study languages. I’ll respond to you ASAP.

Take note of these general rules for contacting me here:

1. I do not accept guest posts.

2. I will not link to your site under any circumstances so don’t ask.

3. I’m always open to trialing products and writing reviews. If you have a new product - an app, book or site - that you’d like me to review here let me know about it. But please DO NOT just contact me out of the blue asking me to share or link to your product without some kind of mutual back-scratching (this includes emails asking me to put your website or product on my resource pages).

I do want to hear about your product but I want to work with you - not for you.

4. I like to hear from the media. I’ve been interviewed and featured in a number of print newspapers and online, such as the BBC, Esquire, Insider and the Irish Echo. This is important to me as the main goal of this blog as well as all my time, energy and money is to promote and encourage language learning (especially minority languages). Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

5. To people who want general language learning advice - I’ll try my best to get back to you but please read through my blog to see what my method for language learning is. I’ve probably answered your question many times so save us both some time (if you ask me a question I’ve answered many times already, I may not respond). You might be better off asking in the Language Forum.

6. Looking to advertise? I don’t do banner ad placement but I do have a lot of readers, subscribers and podcast listeners. As I said above re: trialling products, I’m happy to try out your product and decide whether or not it’ll suit my readers. However, I will not advertise a product I haven’t used and can honestly verify the quality of.

If your product is relevant to language learning, get in touch with me for pricing.

7. Anyone sending unsolicited email for services that I didn’t ask for will be sent straight to spam.

IMPORTANT UPDATE -- PLEASE READ: These days, I am extremely reluctant to promote, share or review products without an affiliate program or other incentive.

Due to the high volume of requests I receive from startups and other bloggers who want my help but offer nothing in return, I now delete emails that aren’t mutually beneficial in some way. I put an enormous amount of research, time and effort into my reviews so there has to be an incentive.

Want me to review your product or share your idea? Great!

Just make sure that your email pitch is clear on what it provides me in return (specifically outline the details of your affiliate program).

If you just want to connect and be friends - awesome! But the best way to do it is through the Language Forum or my Facebook page. :)

"The limits of my language mean the limits of my world."
- Ludwig Wittgenstein
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