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Guest Post Submissions

For those of you interested in guest posting here on this blog this is the contact form you need to use.


I really welcome and encourage your guest post proposals – as long as it’s written well and conforms to my guidelines (see below). The Mezzofanti Guild is one of the most heavily-trafficked and well-established language blogs with a very engaged readership.

If you have something quality to offer my readers then it’ll be a great way for you to get some exposure for your own blog or product.


Simple guidelines for guest posting

You don’t have to be a big name blogger to guest post here but these are the general rules for guest posting:

1. 1500 – 2500 word limit. If it’s super awesome or contains video content then I’ll consider it if it’s less or more than that.

2. Must be written by an individual not writing on behalf of someone else or a faceless company.

3. You should have language learning experience to share with others to encourage, inspire or help them.

This can be anything such as stories about your own experience, lessons you’ve learned, resources you’ve used and want to recommend, specific language learning advice, travel advice to certain places as it relates to your language learning experience, and so on. It should preferably be about YOU and your experience. Nobody wants boring academic-toned writing – just keep it real and write as you speak. 🙂

4. It should contain a few good headings, be well-formatted so it’s easy to read (small paragraphs and appropriate use of bold/italic text to make your points stand out) and contain only very relevant links (you can link to your own content without going overboard but no affiliate links). I reserve the right to edit your post as required and to insert my own affiliate links where appropriate.

5. Your post must be accompanied by a picture – preferably in a relevant, cultural setting or something else that’s relevant to the post topic as you see on every post of mine.

6. Preferred: Clear evidence that you’re a regular reader of this blog by engaging with or referencing its content.

7. Absolutely under no circumstances can the content be posted anywhere else including on your own blog. I do not post duplicate articles.

I suggest you take a glance over my content including guest posts I’ve had in the past to see what’s expected.

Generic emails from professional writers are deleted immediately. Please don’t waste your time with your pitch.

Once again – I really encourage you to guest post here! You’d be amazed at how much your own experience can motivate and encourage other learners.

Thanks! 🙂

UPDATE: Extra points if you can provide the post draft in Markdown, rather than a .doc file. Not essential but highly preferred as it saves me a lot of time.


Just send a very quick message here with ‘Guest Post’ in the subject line, introduce yourself and give me a quick rundown on what you plan to write about. Keep it brief.

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