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Hebrew Picture Dictionary: Learn The Hebrew Language Through Memes

May 02, 2020
A meme is an image or idea that spreads quickly. See how much you can learn about Israeli culture and the Hebrew language through these symbols.

How To Learn The Hebrew Alphabet (+ Cursive) Quickly

June 25, 2018
The Hebrew alphabet looks intimidating but many have proved it's possible to master. This will provide a breakdown of the Hebrew alphabet (incl. cursive).

How to Achieve Hebrew Language Immersion At Home Easily

May 14, 2018
You don't have to travel abroad to learn to speak Hebrew. Today I'll show you how to recreate a Hebrew language immersion environment at home.

Why You Shouldn't Learn Hebrew At An Ulpan

April 16, 2018
Ulpanim have many advantages for learning Hebrew. The aim of this post is not to discount this learning method. It’s to give a different perspective. We''ll challenge the view of those who say taking an ulpan course is the failproof method for learning Hebrew.

Best Apps And Resources For Learning Hebrew In 2020

April 05, 2018
In this post, we'll focus on the tools and resources for learn the Hebrew language that are less known - in particular some helpful mobile and web apps.

If I Started Learning Hebrew Again, This Is How I'd Do It

March 14, 2018
I had been learning Hebrew for over a year before I went to Israel. If I could start learning Hebrew again my process would be slightly different.

10 Reasons Why Hebrew Is Easier Than You Think

February 02, 2018
I'm here today to prove to you that general assumptions are wrong and that Hebrew is actually easier than you think.

4 Helpful Tips To Help You Learn Ancient Languages Better

December 14, 2015
Today I'll offer a few tips that will really help you learn ancient languages better.

How A 2,300 Year Old Proverb Helped Me Learn Languages

December 08, 2012
Today I want to share a simple yet profound piece of wisdom that I came across 10 years ago which radically changed me as a learner, especially with languages.

Arabic and Hebrew: Why Semitic Languages Are Not Difficult

April 16, 2012
I read a lot of comments on forums and other blogs, and have received emails from people asking questions about the difficulty of Semitic languages like Arabic and Hebrew.

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