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Ripeti Con Me! Review: Glossika Improvement Or Poor Imitation?

April 11, 2019
This review will go into detail on the Ripeti Con Me! content and method, and most importantly, compare it to the Glossika method for language learning.

25 Best And Worst Online Italian Courses For 2021

May 30, 2017
Today I'm going to share my opinion as an Italian learner on the best online Italian courses available today (most popular course products).

How To Start Learning Italian As A Complete Beginner

May 29, 2016
Italian's not a difficult language for English speakers but it's often hard for new learners to start. If you want to know how to learn Italian, start here.

Rocket Italian Review (2021): I Tested The Course Thoroughly

April 13, 2015
This Rocket Italian review looks at the slightly high-end cost of the course, pros and cons, quality and whether or not its worth the money.

Brutally Honest And Detailed ItalianPod101 Review

March 02, 2015
This review will closely explore and examine the content and effectiveness of GermanPod101.

Italian Immersion, Russian Update + Birthday Request (Video)

May 22, 2014
Last year your votes got this blog into the Top 25 Language Learning Blogs so it'd be great if you could do it again this year.

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