100+ Best Arabic Boy Names And Their Meanings (With Audio)

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100+ Best Arabic Boy Names And Their Meanings (With Audio)

While Arabic girl names lean more towards the notion of femininity, physical beauty, and shyness, Arabic boy names tend to connote chivalric and religious values, and don’t pay much attention to appearances.

Below you’ll find a list of the most common Arabic boy names in the Middle East and North Africa.

There are obviously more than 100 male names in the Arabic language, but you could use the following table as a starting point and experiment with the suggested names. You can always derive a second name from the initial one (example: Mohammad -> Ahmad -> Mahmoud.)

While going through this list, keep these things in mind:

  • Many names contain religious connotations: this is not a shocking point because the Arabic language relies heavily on the Quran as a linguistic reference. Adjectives and nouns that have a positive meaning in the Quran tend to be used as male names.
  • Many names are derivatives: some are derivatives of content words such as adjectives and nouns, while some others are derivatives of other similar names. You will notice the frequency of the phrase “A derivative of” and hopefully manage to create a connection between the name and its semantic source.
  • Some names have no semantic explanation, but refer to heroic or religious figures, such as “Zakaria.”
  • Many names refer to strong animals, mainly the lion. Given the symbolic figure of the signified (the lion), the signifier (what a lion stands for) makes the lion an attractive option.

NOTE: Names can have alternative spellings in English and sometimes even Arabic (e.g. you might see some names written with a ‘taa marbuta’ or ‘aleph’ ending). It doesn’t change the pronunciation of the name.

Names starting with A

Name in EnglishPronunciationArabic SpellingMeaning and Etymology
AhmadPlay audioAH-madأَحْمَد

Ahmad is one of the most used names in the Arab world. It was originally one of Prophet Mohammad’s names, and it means “gratitude and thankfulness.”

AminePlay audioA-MEENأَمِين

This is one of Prophet Mohammad’s names, and it refers to fidelity and trustworthiness.

AshrafPlay audioASH-rafأَشْرَف

“Achraf” is a popular Arabic name, and it implies highness, social refinement, and honor. This name is in the superlative form, which means that it does not exist in the plural form.

AymanPlay audioAY-manأَيْمَن

A derivative of the noun “Yomn”, which means “blessing”. “Ayman” is someone who blesses his people with love and respect, and who uses his right hand.

Names starting with B

Name in EnglishPronunciationArabic SpellingMeaning and Etymology
BadisPlay audioBa-DEESبَادِيس

A Berber male name meaning “Father of Bravery”. This name is prevalent in North Africa given its Berber background, but a small portion of the Middle Eastern population carries it as well.

BadrPlay audioBadrبَدْرThis unisex name means “a complete moon”.
BahijPlay audioBa-HEEGPlay audioBa-HEEJبَهِيج

An adjective referring to extreme states of happiness. Men called “Bahij” are expected to cheer others up and bring joy to others’ lives. \ Feminine form: Bahija

BaselPlay audioBAA-selبَاسِل

This name has chivalric implications. It means “the hero who fights a lot of combats, and who fears nothing.” Bassel is one of the names associated to lions, and it also means “a lion hearted man.”

BassemPlay audioBAA-semبَاسِم

A derivative of the noun “basma”, which means “a smile” “Bassam” is someone who smiles frequently, and who makes people smile, too

BayramPlay audioBAY-ramبَيْرَم

This Arabic authentic name is still prevalent nowadays. It means “aid, blessings, and happiness.” It is argued that “Bayram” is a Turkish name, but it’s still a common name in the ARab world regardless.

BilalPlay audioBi-LAALبِلَال

An Arabic authentic name meaning “dew”. It comes from the noun “balal” (wetness), and the most popular figure who had this name in Islamic history is the mu’adhin Bilal Al-Habashi.

Names starting with D

Name in EnglishPronunciationArabic SpellingMeaning and Etymology
DaliPlay audioDA-leeدَالِي

A derivative of “Dalal”, meaning “spoinling, treating.” Dali is someone who treats others nicely. Interestingly enough, this name means “ a crazy person” in Turkish!

Names starting with G

Name in EnglishPronunciationArabic SpellingMeaning and Etymology
GhaliPlay audioGHAA-leeغَالِيAn adjective that means “expensive”.
GhassanPlay audioGhas-SAANغَسَّان

This name refers to a river in Tohama. It means to youth and good health.

GhaythPlay audioGHAY-thغَيْث

This name is largely common, and it has three positive connotations: 1) A cloud or heavy rain, 2) A derivative of “Eghatha”, meaning, “rescuing.” and 3) A rare plant.

GhaziPlay audioGHAA-zeeغَازِيThe fearless soldier who fights for religious causes.
GhofranPlay audioGhof-RAANغُفْرَان

A superlative form of the verb “ghafar”, which means “forgiveness”.

Names starting with H

Name in EnglishPronunciationArabic SpellingMeaning and Etymology
HabibPlay audioHa-BEEBحَبِيبْ

A derivative of “hobb”, meaning “love”. In semantic terms, “Habib” means “lover” or “the beloved”, and it’s an authentic Arabic name, also largely common among all Arab populations.

HadefPlay audioHAA-defهَادِف

Someone who always hits the right target. This name derives from the noun “Hadaf”, meaning, “target.”

HadiPlay audioHAA-deeهَادِي

In Islamic theology, Al Hadi is one of Allah’s names, and it means “Allah guiding people’s hearts to Islam.” However, since Muslims are forbidden from carrying Allah’s names in their original connotations, Hedi also means, in a human sense, “someone who groups people together and guides them through the right track.”

HaidarPlay audioHAI-darحَيْدَر

This name is also one of the lion’s names. it connotes beauty and royalty, and it’s more popular among Shiite Muslims.

HaithamPlay audioHAY-tham هَيْثَم

Means “Falcon”, and it’s one of the noble birds in the Arab culture, as it does not feed on leftovers, but on what it hunts immediately.

HamadPlay audioHA-madحَامِد

Means “someone who is always thankful and grateful.” This name epitomizes gratitude and satisfaction, and can be noticed in the famous Islamic prayer:“Al hamdu lellah.”

HamzaPlay audioHAM-zaحَمْزَة

A popular Arabic name meaning “the lion”, and it also means “seriousness and strictness.”

HatemPlay audioHA-temحَاتِمThe judge and commander. “Hatem” is also a name for the raven.
HasanPlay audioHA-sanحَسَنْ

Although this name sounds similar to “Hassan”, it carries slightly different connotations. In fact, this name means “extreme politeness” or “large sand piles.”

HassanPlay audioHas-SANحَسَّان

This name is a derivative of the noun “hosn”, which can mean either “extreme beauty” or “extreme sensitivity”. Both connotations are positive and desirable.

HazemPlay audioHA-zemحَازِمA derivative of the noun “hazm”, which means “strictness.”
HousseinPlay audioHos-SEINحُسَيْن

This name is a derivative of “Hasan”, but carries connotations that are more religious. It’s mostly used in Shiite regions as well as North Africa.

Names starting with J (G in some dialects)

Name in EnglishPronunciationArabic SpellingMeaning and Etymology
JaberPlay audioGAA-berPlay audioJAA-berجَابِر

Someone who repairs people’s emotional and psychological damage. Jaber is also someone who helps the poor. It’s a derivative of the noun “Al-Jaber”, which is one of Allah’s names. \ “Jobran” is a derivative of this name, but it’s less common, and refers mainly to the writer “Jobran Khaleel Jobran”.

JadPlay audioGAADPlay audioJAADجَاد

A derivative of the noun “Joud”, which means extreme generosity and fairness. This name also refers to serious people who rarely act playful.

JamalPlay audioGa-MAALPlay audioJa-MAALجَمَال

Semantically, this name is a noun form of “Beauty”. However, unlike its female equivalent “Jamila”, this male name connotes not physical beauty, but inner peace, good manners, kindness, and positive attitude.

JasemPlay audioGAA-ssemPlay audioJAA-ssemجَاسِم

This name refers to robust male bodies. It describes muscular men who are also fair and strict.

JasserPlay audioGAA-sserPlay audioJAA-sserجَاسِر

A derivative of the adjective “Jasour” and the noun “Jasara”, which mean “courage, bravery, and fearlessness.”

JannahPlay audioGAN-nahPlay audioJAN-nahجَنَّةThis name means “Paradise.”
JihadPlay audioGi-HAADPlay audioJi-HAADجِهَاد

“Jihad” is a unisex name which means “struggle and resistance for the causes of Islam. This name is also mentioned in Qur’an, and it’s widely common among Muslim Arabs.

Names starting with K

Name in EnglishPronunciationArabic SpellingMeaning and Etymology
KadhemPlay audioKAA-dhemكَاظِم

Someone who controls his anger. This name occurs as an adjective in Qur’an, and it’s considered as a positive attribute.

KhaledPlay audioKHAA-ledخَالِد

A derivative of the noun “Kholoud”, meaning, “eternity.” Some people use this name to wish their newborn a long and beautiful life, while others use it as a reference to Commander Khaled Ebn Al Walid.

KhalilPlay audioKha-LEELخَلِيل

The loyal and trustworthy friend. This name is one of the most used names in the Arab world across all cultural and religious backgrounds.

KamalPlay audioKa-MAALكَمَال

A derivative of the noun “Kamal,” which means: perfection. This name connotes idealistic values and manners attributed to the person.

KaramPlay audioKA-ramكَرَمA derivative of “Kareem.”
KarimPlay audioKa-REEMكَرِيم

A derivative of the adjective “Kareem” and the noun “Karam”, meaning, someone who is truly generous and selfless.

Names starting with M

Name in EnglishPronunciationArabic SpellingMeaning and Etymology
Ma’mounPlay audioMa’-MOONمَأمُون

A derivative of the name “A-mena”, meaning, someone who can be fully trusted.

MabroukPlay audioMab-ROOKمَبْرُوك

A widely popular name in the Gulf and in North Africa and it means “ the blessed” or “someone who blesses his surroundings.”

MadehPlay audioMAA-dehمَادِحْ

A derivative of the verb “to praise.” It also refers to poets and writers who praise royalty in their literature.

MahjoubPlay audioMah-GOOBPlay audioMah-JOOBمَحْجُوب

In the Arabic language, the verb “Hajab” means “ to cover” or “to keep something secret.” Mahjoub is a person who is well loved by others, but who is also mysterious.

MaherPlay audioMAA-herمَاهِر

An authentic Arabic name which means “the masterful”, “the skilled”, and “the proficient.”

MajedPlay audioMAG-dPlay audioMAJ-dمَجْد

This is a noun which means “victory.” It also means “highness”, “values”, and “honor.”

MalekPlay audioMAA-lekمَالِك

Someone who owns something or is in control of a situation. This name is one of Allah’s names, as He owns the entire universe.

MarouanPlay audioMar-WAANمَرْوَان

Strong stones that are used to light the fire. It’s also a name for basil.

MohammadPlay audioMo-HAMMADمُحَمَّد

A derivative of the verb “Hamad”, meaning, to be thankful and grateful. The most popular figure with this name is Prophet Mohammad.

MohrezPlay audioMOH-rezمُحْرِز

From the Arabic verb “Ahraz”, meaning, “the protector of valuable items and values.”

MohsenPlay audioMOH-senمُحْسِن

A derivative of the noun “Ihsaan”, meaning, “the good-doing,” and “the loyal.”

Mohy Al DinPlay audioMOH-y al DEENمُحْي الدِّين

This name translates literally into “the reviver of religion


This composed name means “someone who fights for Islam and Islamic teachings.”

MontassarPlay audioMonta-SARمُنْتَصَر

A derivative of the name “Intissar”, meaning, victory, and resistance.

MorjanPlay audioMor-GAANPlay audioMor-JAANمُرْجَانA Persian name meaning “coral.”
MostafaPlay audioMOS-tafaمُصْطَفَى

In Islamic theology, Al-Mostafa is the Prophet Mohammad, and it means “the chosen from many”. This name is also used as an adjective to describe all the prophets. \ In Christian theology, Mostafa refers to Paul the Apostle.

MoujahedPlay audioMou-GAA-hedPlay audioMou-JAA-hedمُجَاهِد

A derivative of the noun “Jihad”, meaning, “to fight for Islam.” Mujahed is a name that connotes struggle, commitment, and dedication. Despite its pronounced religious implications, this name can also target other goals in life.

MouradPlay audioMo-RAADمُرَاد

A derivative of the verb “Araad”, meaning, “to want”. It means “the wanted, the desired, the demanded .”

Names starting with N

Name in EnglishPronunciationArabic SpellingMeaning and Etymology
NaderPlay audioNAA-derنَادِر

This name means “the rare, the pairless.”

NadhemPlay audioNAA-dhemنَاظِم

This beautiful name means “the writer”or“the composer” or “the poet.”

NajedPlay audioNAA-gedPlay audioNAA-jedنَاجِد

This name means “the brave rescuer.” It also refers to something that’s set higher than surface level, and, in this sense, this name can mean “ the honorable” or “royal.”

NajehPlay audioNAA-gehPlay audioNAA-jehنَاجِح

This name derives from the noun “najah”, which means, “ success”. Najeh is “the successful” and “ the achiever”.

NebrassPlay audioNeb-RAASSنِبْرَاس

Nebrass is one of the lion’s names. It also means “a spear” or “a lamp.”

Names starting with O

Name in EnglishPronunciationArabic SpellingMeaning and Etymology
OussamaPlay audioO-SAA-maأُسَامَة

This name has been prevalent for centuries. It refers to courage, bravery, and affluence. From a semantic perspective, “Oussama” is one of the names of the lion.

Names starting with R

Name in EnglishPronunciationArabic SpellingMeaning and Etymology
RayyanPlay audioRay-YAANرَيَّان

From the Arabic verb “Ertawaa” (to quench one’s thirst).Rayyan is someone who fills others with love and affection.

RiadhPlay audioRe-YAADHرِيَاضPlural noun for “Rawdha”, meaning, “a beautiful garden.”
RashedPlay audioRAA-shedرَاشِدA derivative of “Roshd”, meaning, “the rational, the wise.”
RaghebPlay audioRAA-ghebرَاغِب

From the verb “ragheb” (to want). “Ragheb” means “someone who always wants more and aspires for better things in life.”

RaedPlay audioRAA-edرَائِد

This name derives from the verb “Raad”, which means “to check.” Raed means “the masterful, the honest, the practical, the loving, and the compassionate.”

RagiPlay audioRAA-geeرَاجِيA name which means “someone who expects forgiveness from God.”
RamiPlay audioRAA-meeرَامِي

From the verb “Ramaa”, meaning, to aim at a target and hit it right.

RamziPlay audioRAM-zeeرَمْزِي

Means “to hint.” In this sense, the name refers to someone who prefers insinuation to overt expressiveness.

RimahPlay audioRe-MAAHرِمَاح

Plural for “Romh” (a spear). This name refers to someone who makes spears and uses them skillfully.

RefaatPlay audioREF-aatرِفْعَتْ

From the verb “Rafaa” (to hold up). This name refers to someone of high value and social status.

RaoufPlay audioRa-OOFرَؤُوفْ

This name means “the kind and forgiving.” “Al Raouf” is one of Allah’s names, and it connotes mercy, divine forgiveness, and guidance to the right track.

RidhaPlay audioRi-DHAAرِضَاThis name connotes satisfaction and gratitude.
RajabPlay audioRA-jabرَجَبْ

“Rajab” is the seventh month in Hijri calendar. Semantically, it means “great”, which explains why many Arabs choose this holy month as a name for their male newborns.

Names starting with T

Name in EnglishPronunciationArabic SpellingMeaning and Etymology
Taj Al DinPlay audioTag al DEENPlay audioTaj al DEENتَاج الدِّين

An Urdu name that’s also widely popular in the Arab world, and it refers to the wreath which kings place on their heads as a sign of dominance.

TamerPlay audioTAA-merتَامِر

A derivative of “tamr”, meaning “date”. This name is likely to mean “someone who sells dates”.

TaebPlay audioTAA-‘ebتَائِب

This name has strong religious connotations, and it means “the repentant”, someone who found his way back to God after a long history of sinning.

TayyebPlay audioTAY-yebطَيِّب

Antonymous of “profane”, “impure”, and “sinful”. This name epitomizes purity, kindness, good manners, and closeness to God.

TabethPlay audioTAA-bethتَابِثْ

Tabeth is a kind of fine and rare deer. It’s one of the most beautiful names in the Arabic language, and it originates from the Aramaic language.

TaqyPlay audioTa-QYتَقِي

This name is originally an adjective that means “extreme fear and obedience to God”. This name has been mentioned in Qur’an multiple times However, it’s one of the names that one should avoid because it implies a lot of self-praising

TamimPlay audioTa-MEEMتَمِيم

A perfect and complete man with no vile attributes. In some regions, “Tamim” is a charm that parents attach to their children’s clothes to protect them from the evil eye.

TawfiqPlay audioTaw-FEE2Play audioTaw-FEEQتَوْفِيقSomeone who helps tribes and nations reconcile.

Names starting with W

Name in EnglishPronunciationArabic SpellingMeaning and Etymology
WalidPlay audioWa-LEEDوَلِيد

A derivative of the verb “Walad”, which means “to give birth”. Accordingly, Walid is “the newborn”. One of the most popular historical figures who bear this name was Khaled Ibn Al Walid.

WadiePlay audioWa-DEEAوَدِيع

An authentic Arabic name which means “ a calm person who keeps others good company.” A less optimistic connotation to this name is “the graveyard”, but people prefer to take the first meaning.

WaelPlay audioWA-elوَائِل

A derivative of the verb “Wal”, meaning, “to return”. It also means “peace” as referred to by traditional Arabic literature. Even though “Wael” is an old Arabic name, it’s still used today thanks to its sonorous attributes.

WahidPlay audioWa-HEEDوَحِيدThe introverted; someone who prefers to be on his own.
WassimPlay audioWa-SSEEMوَسِيمA handsome, good-looking man who also smiles a lot.

Names starting with Y

Name in EnglishPronunciationArabic SpellingMeaning and Etymology
YassinePlay audioYAA-SEENيَاسِين

This name was inspired from the Quranic verse:”Ya, Seen.” It is argued that this name has Ethiopian roots, which mean “Man”, or “O, Man.”

YosriPlay audioYOS-reeيُسْرِي

A derivative of the noun “Yosr” which means “easiness and flexibility.” Yosr is a person who is easy to communicate with, and who doesn’t overcomplicate matters.

Names starting with Z

Name in EnglishPronunciationArabic SpellingMeaning and Etymology
ZeinPlay audioZEE-nزَيْن

A unisex name which means “extreme beauty and impeccable manners.” It can also refer to dew, but this connotation is less common than the first.

ZaydanPlay audioZay-DAANزَيْدَان

Meaning “endless growth and abundance.” This optimistic and positive name has started to flourish again.

ZohaierPlay audioZo-HAYRزُهَيْر

This name has two meanings: 1) a highly attractive person who instantly catches everyone’s attention, 2) a derivative of the noun “Zahra”, meaning, “a flower.”

ZahiPlay audioZAA-heeزَاهِيThe arrogant and ostentatious.
ZakariaPlay audioZaka-REE-yaزَكَرِيَّا

A reference to Prophet Zakaria. This name has Hebrew roots, and it means “God names”. It is also argued that the name “Zack” is a derivative of “Zakaria.” In all cases, this name is inherently religious, and is popular in the Arab world as well as the Western nations.

ZobeirPlay audioZo-BEYRزُبَيْر

Semantically, this name means “stones.” Accordingly, it refers to someone who is as robust as a stone, and who is noticeably smart, wise, and strong.

ZeidPlay audioZEYDزَيْدTo multiply in number and abundance.
ZiadPlay audioZe-YAADزِيَادA derivative of “Zeid.”

Male Arabic names reflect character

Boy names in Arabic are either religiously and historically significant, or indicative of one’s character.

Just like Arabic girl names, many of these go back to Islamic and even pre-Islamic Arabia, though you’ll find the names used by other religious groups too. Names like Muhammed and Ahmad are exclusively used by Muslims.

If you’re expecting a boy, perhaps you should consider one of the names listed above. 😊

Did I miss any important ones?

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