100+ Best Arabic Girl Names And Their Meanings (With Audio)

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100+ Best Arabic Girl Names And Their Meanings (With Audio)

There are many options when choosing an Arabic name for a girl.

In most cases, people pick rather sonorous names; names that sound unique, cool, royal, or nostalgic.

Interestingly, while the majority of Western names have started to lose touch with their etymological roots, Arabic names remain so attached to their semantic backgrounds that one could mistake them for normal adjectives.

In fact, most Arabic names are adjectives.

Arabic girl names tend to lean the most towards the category of traditional femininity.

They refer to beauty, royalty, honor, honesty, modesty, and religious faithfulness.

Today I’ll share some of the best and most popular Arabic names for girls.

As you go through this selection, here are a few things to consider:

  • Not all names are Islamic: in fact, many names have Christian or Hebrew origins.
  • Some names are pronounced differently in North African and the Middle Eastern Arabic dialects (different stress).
  • Some names are more prevalent than others in certain regions of the Arab world.
  • Names that rhyme as AA-EE-AA as in: Bahija, Saida, Dalila, Naziha, etc. are not as common as they used to be a decade ago.

Arabic names take you on a bit of a linguistic and historical trip because every name has its own story.

Hopefully you’ll look at your Arab friend and see them in a way that fits their name, or an otherwise ironic contradiction between their behavior and the meaning of their name. :smile:

Arabic girl names in alphabetical order

The names listed here are by no means exhaustive. There are plenty more I could have listed.

On left side, you’ll see how the name is generally written in English and right next to it, you can see and hear how it’s pronounced.

The original Arabic is included along with its meaning.

NOTE: Names can have alternative spellings in English and sometimes even Arabic (e.g. you might see some names written with a ‘taa marbuta’ or ‘aleph’ ending). It doesn’t change the pronunciation of the name.

Also, be sure to check out my list of Arabic boy names as well.

Names starting with A

Name in EnglishPronunciationArabic SpellingMeaning and Etymology
Aalaa’Play audio aa-LAA’آَلَاء Alaa is one of the particularly soothing Arabic names. It’s a classical name that connotes “favor” or “blessing”. This name is also mentioned in Qur’aan, and people agree that it sounds beautiful.
AbraarPlay audio Ab-RAARأَبْرَارAn adjective which means "honest" or "obedient". It’s an adjective in the plural form, and the single form is used in normal speech to refer to obedient children.
AdhkarPlay audio Adh-KAARأَذْكَار If you are familiar with some of the basic Arabic phrases, then you may have heard the phrase “adhkaar al Qur’aan”. Semantically speaking, adhkaar is a plural for “dhekr”, which is a prayer you say daily as a way to remind yourself of God’s blessings. As a name, “Adhkaar” describes someone who is loved by others and always remembered.
AhlaamPlay audio Ah-LAAMأَحْلَامPlural for “holm” (dream).
AishaPlay audio 3a2-i-shaعائشةName of the youngest wife of Muhammed and means "she who lives".
AmalPlay audio a-MALأَمَلAmal means “hope”. It’s a nice name that’s widely common among girls, but it’s also given to boys- although to a much more restricted rate. Example of a male writer with a traditionally female name: Amal Donqol (Egyptian poet).
AminaPlay audio AA-minaآمِنَةHistorically speaking, Amina is a religious figure. She was Muhammed’s wife. Semantically, it is an adjective that means “a peaceful person”, or “someone you feel peaceful and safe around”.
AnissaPlay audio a-NEES-saأَنِيسَةThe name “Anissa” implies calmness and kindness. It also refers to an obedient, wise girl who keeps people good company. This is an old Arabic name that has been used in pre-Islamic literature.
AseelPlay audio a-SEELأسِيلْ“Aseel” is an adjective that means “soft and gentle”. While referring to people, Aseel is a girl who has soft and long cheeks.
AsmaPlay audio AS-maأَسْمَاءAsmaa could refer to the plural form of the noun “Esm” (name). This name can’t be used in the singular form. However, many argue that “Asmaa” as a plural for “Esm” doesn’t make sense because one can’t be lazy enough to name their daughter “names”! They insist that “Asmaa” rather stands for the noun “somoo”, which means “majesty”. Given the poetic nature of all Arab names, assuming that “Asmaa” means “majesty” makes a lot more sense.
AssyaPlay audio AA-seyaآسيَةIn the Islamic narrative, Assya was the Pharaoh’s wife. Semantically, it refers to someone who offers comfort and solace to others. It could also imply sadness and contemplation, but it’s always recommended to embrace the positive meaning of names.
AtharPlay audio aa-THAARآثَارA monument or a fossil. It also refers to shiny swords and metals.
AreejPlay audio a-REEJأَرِيجA classical name that means “something that smells nice and soothing.”
ArwaPlay audio AR-waaأَرْوَىThis is believed to be a verb which means “to water”. Arwa is someone who is supposed to water the souls.
AyaPlay audio AA-yaأَيَةThe name “Aya” is one of the most prevalent Arabic names. It’s essentially religious in nature, and it means one or more of the following: - A strong proof - An exemplum - A line from Qur’an
AysalPlay audio AY-selآيْسلIt is argued that Aysal is an archaic Turkish name that means “moonlight”. It also has Urdu roots.
AzharPlay audio Az-HAARأَزْهَارPlural for “zahra” (flower). See singular version below.

Names starting with B

Name in EnglishPronunciationArabic SpellingMeaning and Etymology
BaraaPlay audio Ba-RAA’بَرَاءSomeone who heals others, or someone who is innocent.
BouthaynaPlay audio Bou-THAY-naبُثَيْنَة“Bouthayna” is an adjective that refers to fertility as well as to extremely pale complexions. The most popular “Bouthayna” in Arabic literature is the poet Maamar’s lover.
BasmaPlay audio BASS-maبَسْمَةThis name means “a smile”, and it’s an authentic Arabic name.
BalkissPlay audio Bal-QEESبَلْقِيسْIn Islamic mythology, Queen Balkis is one of the most powerful women in history, which is something the Old Testament also approves of. Semantically, this name means deep agony and grief.
BahijaPlay audio Ba-HEE-jaبَهِيجَة“Bahija” is an adjective that means extreme happiness and optimism. It’s a truly positive name, but it’s rarely given to female newborns anymore.
BodourPlay audio Bo-DOORبُدُور“Bodour” is the plural form for “badr”, which means complete moon. In Arabic literature, the moon metaphor is used to describe exquisitely beautiful woman.
BatoolPlay audio Ba-TOOLبَتُولIn Hebrew, this name means “God’s home”. In Arabic, it means a woman who refuses to get married. In Christianity, Mary is described as “Batool” because she made herself available to God only.

Names starting with D

Name in EnglishPronunciationArabic SpellingMeaning and Etymology
DimaPlay audio DEE-maدِيمَا“Dima” has two meanings: -Rain with no thunder -Continuity and eternity
DinaPlay audio DEE-naدِينَاA Hebrew name which means “female ruler”. Dina was also one of Jacob’s daughters. In the English language, it refers to the girl coming from the valley.
DanyaPlay audio DAA-nyaدَانْيَةA woman who is close to heart.
DonyaPlay audio DON-yaدُنْيَاThe world, the present moment. It also refers to the beautiful things in life.
DalalPlay audio Da-LAALدَلَالSexual attractiveness and provocative body movement. In some other cases, it may refer to wisdom.
DalilaPlay audio Da-LEE-laدَلِيلَةA derivative of “Dalal”, except that this name also means “the guide, the coach, and the clear proof”
DorraPlay audio DOR-raدُرَّةA very precious diamond
DorsafPlay audio Dor-SAAFدُرْصَافThis name is composed of two halves: “Dorra”, which means “a diamond”, and “Saaf”, which means “pure and clean.”
DoaaPlay audio Do-AAدُعَاءThe prayer we say to God. It’s a highly encouraged activity in Islam, and it exposed our deepest desires and wishes to God.
DamaaPlay audio DAM-aaدَمْعَةSemantically, this name means “a tear”, and refers to women to cry easily.
DayanaPlay audio Da-YAA-naدَيَانَاA Hindu-European name that’s widely used in the West. It’s also common among Arab Christians. In Greco-Roman mythology, Diana was the god of birth and fertility, and it also has Latin and Persian roots.

Names starting with F

Name in EnglishPronunciationArabic SpellingMeaning and Etymology
FadwaPlay audio FAD-waفَدْوَىThis name comes from the root “to sacrifice”. This name is a symbol of selflessness and generosity
FarahPlay audio fara7فَرَحJoy.
FadiaPlay audio FAA-dyaفَادْيَةA derivative of Fadwa, also a largely used name in the Arab world.
FatimaPlay audio FAA-temaفَاطِمَةProphet Muhammed’s daughter, Fatima al Zahra’a, made her name extremely popular among Arabs, and especially Shiite Muslims. Nowadays, “Fatima” is one of the most popular names in North Africa.
FaouziaPlay audio Faou-ZEE-yaفوزِيَّةA derivative of the noun “fawz” (victory). This name refers to victorious women who do not give up easily.
FairouzPlay audio Fai-ROOZفَيْرُوزa Feiruz is a turquoise stone, and the Lebanese singer “Feiruz” helped people look deeper into the meaning of this name and appreciate its natural connotations.
FaridaPlay audio Fa-REE-daفَرِيدَةThe unique and pairless.

Names starting with H

Name in EnglishPronunciationArabic SpellingMeaning and Etymology
HadilPlay audio Ha-DEELهَدِيلThe sound of the dove.
HebaPlay audio HE-baهبةThis name means "gift", as in "gift from God".
HonaydaPlay audio Hon-aydaهُنيدَةThis name carries multiple meanings: (1) A derivative of “Hend”, which means South Asia. (2) Two hundred years. (3) A reference to a popular town in Syria.
HoudaPlay audio Hou-DAهُدَىThis name is one of the most sonorous names in the Arabic language. It means “ethical guidance towards the right path”, but it can also mean “daylight”.
HouyamPlay audio Hoo-YAAMهُيَام“Houyam” is one of the “lightest” names to pronounce in the language. However, people tend not to look into the real meaning of this name, which is: a disease that affects animals and causes them extreme dehydration. However, it may also connote “love fever, being thirsty for love.”
HendPlay audio HendهِنْدSemantically, this name means “India”. Historically, however, it refers to the South Asia. Etymologically, this name refers to South Asia as a region full of mysteries, wonders, and adventures. Over the time, the name “Hend” has started to acquire other concrete connotations related to power and authority.
HaouraPlay audio Haw-RAA’حَوْرَاءThis name has many positive connotations: extreme beauty and delicacy, and it refers to the beautiful women in Paradise.
HaifaPlay audio HAI-faهَيْفَاء“Haifa” is a descriptive name of a woman with a small waist and flat stomach. Earlier in history, Arabs used to say it as “Al Hayfa” to emphasize the descriptive aspect to it. The female poet Hayfa Al Qodhaeya made this name popular.
HalaPlay audio HAA-laهَالَةThe faint circular ring that surrounds the moon is called “Hala”. It’s argued that the origins of this name are Greek from “Alos”, as a reference to the halo.
HalaPlay audio Ha-LAحَلَاءIn semantic terms, “Hala” connotes sweetness. As a name, it refers to good-looking and well-spoken women. This versatile name also means “jewelry” or “moon”.
HaninPlay audio Ha-NEENحَنِينA noun which means “longing (to someone)”
HabibaPlay audio Ha-BEE-baحَبِيبَة“Habiba” refers to a beloved woman. This name is common in North Africa, and it connotes a mother’s love to her daughter.
HalimaPlay audio Ha-LEE-maحَلِيمَةFrom the word “holm”, which means “wisdom and patience”, and it’s one of Allah’s names.

Names starting with I

Name in EnglishPronunciationArabic SpellingMeaning and Etymology
InsafPlay audio En-SAAFإنْصَافA noun that means fairness and justice.
IshraqPlay audio Esh-RAAQإشْرَاقMeans “shine”. This name implies a bright and happy person full of shine and positivity.
IslamPlay audio Es-LAAMإسْلَامThis is name that both men and women wear with pride. As the name suggests, “Islam” is someone who surrenders to Allah, and it’s one of the humble names in the language.

Names starting with J

Name in EnglishPronunciationArabic SpellingMeaning and Etymology
JocandaPlay audio Jo-CAN-daجُوكَنْدَاA woman with a mesmerizing smile.
JalilaPlay audio Ja-LEE-laجَلِيلَةThis name comes from the root “Jalal”, which means “a highly respected, generous, and wise woman”. It also refers to women who think well before making decisions.
JenanPlay audio Je-NAANجِنَانThis is one of the most desired names in the Arab world because it’s plural for “heaven” (Jannah). It also refers to safety, shadow, and darkness.
JomanaPlay audio Jo-MAA-naجُمَانَةA Persian name that means “a silver diamond” and, therefore, a valuable girl or woman. It’s also argued that it has Latin origins.
JoudPlay audio Joodجُودْ“Joud” is a name that falls under the Noun (N) category to mean “a highly generous person who doesn’t expect favors in return”. It also refers to heavy rain.
JamilaPlay audio Ja-MEE-laجَمِيلَةAn adjective that describes a beautiful woman. This name is commonly used in North Africa.

Names starting with K

Name in EnglishPronunciationArabic SpellingMeaning and Etymology
KhadijaPlay audio khadijaخَدِيجَةName of one of the wives of Muhammed and its meaning may connote "premature birth".
KhaoulaPlay audio KHAOU-laخَوْلَةThis name means “the beautiful newborn” who grows into a strong and confident young woman.
KholoudPlay audio Khou-LOODخُلُودA synonym to “eternity”. It means “a woman who doesn’t age over time, and who retains her beauty and youth as if she never grows old; never dies.”
KhayriaPlay audio Khay-REE-yaخَيْرِيَّةA derivative of the noun “khayr”, which means goodness and generosity. “Khayria” is a generous and virtuous woman who helps the poor.

Names starting with L

Name in EnglishPronunciationArabic SpellingMeaning and Etymology
LamyaPlay audio LAM-yaلَمْيَاءThis name has two meanings: “a very polite and beautiful girl” and “a skinny girl”.
LamissPlay audio La-MEESSلَمِيسْA derivative of the noun “malmass”, meaning, “touch”. “Lamiss” is a woman who is very soft to the touch.
LinaPlay audio LEE-naلِينَاShort for Carolina or Majdoline, and it means “a fatal woman.” Lina is one of the most common names in the world.
LayanPlay audio La-YAANلَيَانAn Arabic name that’s likeable thanks to its sonorous nature. It’s a derivative of the verb “laan”, which means “to be wealthy”. This name also means softness and delicacy.
LaylaPlay audio LAY-laلَيْلَىThe feeling of tipsiness, dark wine, and drunkenness.

Names starting with M

Name in EnglishPronunciationArabic SpellingMeaning and Etymology
MawaddaPlay audio Ma-WAD-daمَوَدَّةThis name means “affection”, “love”, and “loyalty.”
MonaPlay audio mo-NAمنىAn Islamic name meaning "wish" or "desire".

Names starting with N

Name in EnglishPronunciationArabic SpellingMeaning and Etymology
NoorPlay audio nurنورName used by boys and girls meaning "light".
NooraPlay audio nuraنوراA feminine variant of Noor.

Names starting with S

Name in EnglishPronunciationArabic SpellingMeaning and Etymology
SarraPlay audio SAR-raسَارَّةAn Aramaic name that means “a princess or a noble lady.”
SaidaPlay audio Sa-EE-daسَعِيدَةSemantically, this name means “happiness”. It is less extreme than “Bahija”, and is also one of the names that is getting less common by the day. This name is common in North Africa, but extremely rare to find in the Middle East.
SoadPlay audio So-AADسُعَادA derivative of “Saida”, but it also means “good smelling”.
SoumayaPlay audio Sou-MAY-yaسُمَيَّةA derivative of “sema”(N), which means a special trait or mark. As a name, it refers to a polite girl. This name is more prevalent in North Africa.
SoulaymaPlay audio Sou-LAY-maسُلَيْمَةA derivative of the name “Salma” which means “peace.”
SamyaPlay audio SAA-myaسَامِيَةOne of the most common names in the Arab world, and it means “a highly noble and ethical woman”.
SyrinePlay audio See-REENسِيرِينIn Greek etymology, Syrine is the daughter of the Goddess of art. This name epitomizes beauty in Greek, and fullness in Arabic.
SalsabeelPlay audio Salsa-BEELسَلْسَبِيلThis is a name in the adjective form, and it’s used to describe fine liquids such as wine and good water. “Salsabeel” is a divine pure river that’s also mentioned in Qur’an.
SalmaPlay audio SAL-maسَلْمَىMeans “a safe and loyal person”. Historically, Salma was Saad Ben Waqas’ wife.
SaharPlay audio Sa-HARسَحَرThe final part of the night, and it comes just before dawn. Sahar is a widely common name.
SondosPlay audio SON-dosسُنْدُسA Persian name referring to old clothing that’s made out of brocade.
SamiraPlay audio Sa-MEE-raسَمِيرَةAn authentic Arabic name that means “someone who likes to stay up late and keep people company.”
SandraPlay audio SAN-draسَانْدْرَاOf Greek origin, short for “Alexandra” or “Casandra”, and it means “the female protector.”

Names starting with T

Name in EnglishPronunciationArabic SpellingMeaning and Etymology
TaysirPlay audio Tay-SEERتَيْسِيرA woman who is easy going, and who doesn’t complicate things.
TalaPlay audio TAA-laتَالَاThis name refers to little palm trees, and it also connotes youth and beauty.
TahaniPlay audio Ta-HAA-nyتَهَانِيThis name is used to congratulate people, and it has many positive and happy connotations, which explains why it’s so popular in the Arab world.
TajweedPlay audio Taj-WEEDتَجْوِيدThe art of Quran recitation.
TawbaPlay audio TAW-baتَوْبَةIs name means “repentance”, or “a return to Allah’s values”.
TasneemPlay audio Tas-NEEMتَسْنِيمLuxurious water in Paradise.
TamaraPlay audio Ta-MAA-raتَمَارَةA Hebrew name that means “dates” (date palm).
TaqwaPlay audio TAQ-waaتَقْوَىSomeone who fears God and obeys him. This name is mentioned in Al-Baqara, which justifies its popularity among Muslims.
TinaPlay audio TEE-naتِينَاShort for Christina, meaning “a woman who believes in Christ”. “Tina” is thought to be an easier name to spell and pronounce, but it retains the same meaning as in “Christina”.

Names starting with W

Name in EnglishPronunciationArabic SpellingMeaning and Etymology
WaadPlay audio WaadوَعْدCommitment to promises. This name is a noun that can be used in the plural form in normal senses, but not in proper nouns.
WajdPlay audio WAJ-dوَجدExtreme longing and desire.
WidadPlay audio We-DAADوِدَادThis name connotes love and longing. It’s a highly romantic name, but it’s not as popular as it used to be in the past.

Names starting with Y

Name in EnglishPronunciationArabic SpellingMeaning and Etymology
YasminPlay audio Yas-MEENيَاسَمِينJasmine
YaraPlay audio YAA-raيَارَاThis name has Phoenician roots, and it means “the lover”. In Urdu, it means “daughter of the spring”, or “the pure girl”.
YomnaPlay audio YOM-naيُمْنَىA girl who uses her right hand. Using the right hand is emblematic of good fortune and abundance.
YosraPlay audio YOS-raaيُسْرَىThis name used to be popular in the 80s and the 90s, but it’s not common anymore. It is a derivative of “Yosr”, which means “ease”.

Names starting with Z

Name in EnglishPronunciationArabic SpellingMeaning and Etymology
ZaidaPlay audio za2idaزائدةOne who 'gives' or is 'generous'.
ZainaPlay audio zainaزينةThis one can mean 'good' or 'beautiful'.
ZainabPlay audio zainabزينب‎Fragrant flower.
ZahraPlay audio zahra2زهراء‎Beautiful or shining. Not to be confused with similar-sounding name "زهرة" which means flower.

Female Arabic names are beautiful

Girl names in Arabic are beautiful, expressive and in most cases, religiously significant.

Many of them go back to Islamic and even pre-Islamic Arabia, though you’ll find the names used by other religious groups too (and as I’ve mentioned, some have origins in Persia/Farsi and elsewhere).

If you’re expecting a girl, maybe consider one of the names listed above. :smile:

Did I miss any important ones?

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