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How To Find Quality Foreign Language Books For Cheap

December 07, 2011
Do you have a foreign language book collection? If you prefer the touch and smell of real books then here's one way you can find cheap, quality resources.

Learning Spanish? This Is Guaranteed To Impress You

December 05, 2011
If you're serious about learning Spanish then I want to quickly fill you in on an excellent and completely free online resource that you won't find anywhere else.

The Simplest Way To Learn Languages Using Harry Potter Translations

November 30, 2011
Harry Potter is the most famous children's fantasy series with over 70 foreign language translations making it a perfect language learning tool.

Fluency In A Language - What Does That Mean Exactly?

November 22, 2011
A lot of people are under the impression that to be fluent in another language means that you speak it as well as, or almost as well as, your native language.

There's No Babbel Chinese But Here Are Some Better Options

November 21, 2011
There currently is no Babbel Chinese but the good news is, there are some even better course and app alternatives for Mandarin Chinese learners.

26 Best (And Worst) Online Russian Courses In 2021

November 15, 2011
Today I'm going to share my opinion as an experienced Russian learner on the best online Russian courses available (most popular course products).

Why The TLG Program Is The Best Way To Learn Georgian

November 14, 2011
The TLG program gives you the ultimate language learning challenge (Georgian) and will give you an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime, cultural experience.

The 12 Most Spoken Languages In The World (+ A Few Extras)

November 12, 2011
Here's an up-to-date list of the most spoken languages in the world including native and non-native speakers, including info you probably didn't know.

25 Best And Worst Online Chinese Courses For 2021

October 30, 2011
Mandarin Chinese
Today I'm going to share my advice as a fluent Mandarin Chinese speaker on the best online Chinese courses and classes (most popular course products).

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