Best Resources To Help Your Kids Learn Hindi In 2024

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Best Resources To Help Your Kids Learn Hindi In 2024

Learning Hindi, the number one language in India and 3rd most spoken in the world, will give your children a headstart when they’re older.

Not only that, they’ll learn a beautiful language deeply immersed in storytelling and poetry.

But kids also tend to have an incredibly short attention span.

This is why I’ve picked the best children’s resources for learning Hindi via apps, books, movies, comics/magazines, and TV shows that won’t bore them.

These are guaranteed to hold their attention by making learning fun.

What are the best apps for children to learn Hindi? 🇮🇳

Here are the best apps in terms of a large number of downloads (proving popularity) and whether the app has been recently updated.

There are quite a few apps that aim to teach Hindi to children. However, I found many of them were no longer supported or had low download numbers. These apps could potentially harm your phone by importing malware and viruses.

My favorite Hindi apps consist only of those proven to make learning Hindi fun for children (with at least 50,000 downloads). They’re also updated regularly.

1. Hindi Kids Learning Alphabets

With over one million downloads, your kids will be in great company learning Hindi from this app.

They will learn the Hindi alphabet, months, weekdays, numbers, shapes, colours, animals, fruit and vegetables, occupations, and even basic computer information.

Every image also has the correct pronunciation, so your children learn to speak Hindi correctly.

2. Learn Hindi - 11,000 Words

As the name suggests, this app will teach your children a huge 11,000 words through games and short, fun lessons.

They will have 10 levels to complete. You or they can also set daily goals to track progress.

This is a popular app with over half a million downloads, so you know it works.

3. Hindi Alphabets Learning And Writing

With over 50,000 downloads, this is the perfect app if you want your kids to focus on learning the Hindi alphabet.

They will learn to speak _and _write each letter. The app utilises flashcards with pictures of associated objects and correct pronunciation.

4. Hindi For Kids

This is another app that focuses on the Hindi alphabet. The emphasis is on pronouncing Hindi letters correctly, not writing letters.

Therefore this app is ideal if you’re children simply want to speak and not write Hindi. They’ll learn over 300 Hindi words and sounds through Hindi letters.

5. Learn Hindi Quickly Offline

This app has had over 50,000 downloads and is one of the most consistently reviewed apps on my list.

Your kids will learn 1159 common Hindi phrases. As the name suggests, this app works perfectly without network coverage - ideal if you want your kids to learn on the go.

What are the top TV shows / cartoons for children to learn Hindi?

I’ve put together the best children’s TV shows or cartoons in Hindi that are not only great for teaching Hindi - they have ‘hidden’ benefits.

1. Chhota Bheem

With over 60 million viewers in India, most Indian kids or teenagers in India will know Chhota Bheem. This is arguably the number one Hindi cartoon for kids.

It’s about a super-strong, intelligent 9-year-old boy who is always ready to help the poor and needy.

Your children will love following Chhota Bheem’s adventures as he rights wrongs while having fun.

The hidden benefit here is that, despite starting in 2008, this show is so popular that episodes are still being made. Your kids can eagerly look forward to new episodes that teach them Hindi while they enjoy the adventures.

2. Motu Patlu

Your children will love the adventures of Motu and Patlu as a modern-day Indian version of Laurel & Hardy. Motu is always the one creating problems while Patlu has to solve them.

This CGI animated TV show aired for several years, becoming super popular. Unfortunately, no new episodes have been made since 2016, but that still leaves hundreds of episodes for your kids to enjoy.

The hidden benefit here is that Motu and Patlu spend many episodes travelling to other parts of India as well as foreign countries. Your children will learn key facts about different countries and regions of India.

3. Mahabharata

The Mahabharat is one of the two major religious epics of ancient India. If you’re unfamiliar with it, think of the mythology of the ancient Greeks or Egyptians.

The difference is that while these other religions have died, the Mahabharat is part of India’s religious identity. The story is woven into all aspects of Indian life.

This animated film follows the story of the mighty Pandavas brothers who must battle their evil cousins with the help of Lord Krishna.

Your children will not only learn Hindi but also discover a key part of Indian culture that informs the morals and ethics that Indians live by even today.

4. Ramayana

The other major epic is Ramayana, the life story of Lord Rama, who defeats the evil demon Ravana.

As with the Mahabharata, your kids will love the epic story of good against evil and right triumphing over wrong while learning Hindi. The hidden benefit is that they’ll also learn a key component of Indian culture and identity.

5. Peppa Pig

Yes, I know Peppa Pig is not Indian. However, did you know that many Peppa Pig adventures have been dubbed in Hindi?

This is ideal if your kids are not in the mood for a new show and want to learn Hindi while watching something familiar.

What are the best movies for children to learn Hindi?

Westerners underestimate the power of Bollywood. It can be a huge catalyst for teaching your kids Hindi with fantastic films that will entertain them throughout.

Expect your children to ask for repeated viewings!

1. Taare Zameen Par

This beautiful film won many awards in India and was even India’s official entry for the 2009 Academy Awards for Best Foreign Film.

It follows the story of 8-year-old Ishaan, who is flunking school because of his undiagnosed dyslexia.

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan is the sensitive teacher who diagnoses Ishaan’s condition. He educates Ishaan’s parents and society as a whole on dyslexia as well as other conditions such as autism.

This film ushered in a seachange in attitudes in India towards children with various conditions. Your children will learn not only Hindi but also compassion, tolerance, and understanding for all.

2. Krrish series (Koi… Mil Gaya, Krrish and Krrish 3)

If your kids are fans of Marvel superhero films, India’s first superhero series won’t disappoint.

Follow Krrish’s father from humble beginnings in the first ‘prequel’ film (Koi… Mil Gaya) as a mentally disabled boy. A chance encounter with an alien allows him to pass on superhero powers to his son, Krrish.

What’s great about this series is that it’s still going strong. The fourth film is due to be released in 2024.

Your kids can learn Hindi by binge-watching the first three films. Then, treat them to the big screen experience with the next instalment.

3. Mr India

This Bollywood classic from 1986 still enthrals children and adults alike.

Follow the adventures of Arun, a street violinist who takes care of ten orphans. He discovers how to become invisible and takes on the evil Mogambo, who wants to conquer and rule India.

Your children will love the good versus evil story with the over-the-top villain in Mogambo. (You might enjoy recognising the actor from Indiana Jones - Temple of Doom.)

At the same time, they’re learning Hindi and watching a film that is the Wizard of Oz of Bollywood - its cultural significance is that important.

4. The Jungle Book

So many people are unaware that this famous story is Indian. The adventures of ‘man cub’ Mowgli and his friends are set in India’s deep jungles of the Madhya Pradesh region.

This is the Hindi dubbed version of Disney’s most recent live-action film. It’s ideal for children who need something familiar while learning something new.

Not only that, they may find it fascinating that a real-life Mowgli would have likely spoken Hindi and not English. They’re learning the true language of the classic story.

Please note. The Hindi-dubbed version is only available via Hotstar, an Indian channel. Therefore you will need a good VPN service to access the content from outside India.

5. Chillar Party

This is a wonderful tale of the power of kids when they work together. Follow the inspiring journey of Akram, Arjun and their friends as they battle to save their beloved street dog (and all other street dogs in Mumbai) from being euthanised by politicians.

While learning Hindi, your children will learn how influential they can be when they fight for the rights of all, including animals.

What are the best comics/magazines for children to learn Hindi?

I’ve picked the best comics/magazines in terms of fun, popularity, and additional aspects they can teach your kids.

1. Champak

This is arguably the most popular children’s magazine ever in India. It’s been going since 1968 and still going strong.

Your children can expect comic strips, short stories, jokes, and puzzles to keep them entertained while they learn.

There is also a Champak Plus edition geared towards schooling and education. This is an ideal way to sneak in some other education besides learning Hindi.

And if your children are learning Hindi fast, there’s even an annual story-writing contest they can enter.

2. Tinkle

This is another popular children’s magazine that’s been going since the early 80s and, to this day, boasts circulation numbers of 300,000 per issue.

Expect quizzes, stories, comics, and puzzles to keep your little ones engaged.

As with Champak, Tinkle has become an integral part of the growing-up experience for Indians for several generations. Your children will not only learn Hindi. They’ll wow different generations of Indians with their knowledge of these magazines.

Tinkle also encourages their young readers to send stories or features they will consider printing.

And there is an official Tinkle website for your children to get more puzzles and games.

3. Chacha Chaudhary

This is a much-loved Indian comic book, which has sold over 10 million copies to date. It features the inspiring Chacha Chaudhary, a wise old man who proves through his adventures that the brain is far superior to brawn.

Your children can expect fun capers and moral lessons while learning Hindi.

It’s also been made into a popular television series - your kids may learn Hindi faster using two different mediums.

4. Amar Chitra Katha

If you want your children to learn not only Hindi but also understand India’s culture and religions, you can’t go wrong with Amar Chitra Katha.

This is the oldest known comic from India, starting in 1967 and still going strong after selling a colossal 90 million copies to date.

The founder created it after the shocking discovery that Indian children in the 60s knew about Roman and Greek mythology but had no understanding of their own heritage, traditions, and mythology.

Therefore, inside Amar Chitra Katha, your children can expect to learn the rich history and folklore India has to offer while learning Hindi.

Not only that, the creators have made it their mission to be far more inclusive in recent times.

You won’t just find stories about well-known Hindu deities and personalities. There are issues dedicated to important Muslim and Christian personalities, such as the Taj Mahal, Jesus, and Mother Teresa. Some issues even cover foreign personalities, such as Albert Einstein.

5. Shakti

This is India’s own female superhero, who transforms from a dowdy homemaker into Shakti, an incarnation of the warrior goddess Kali.

This stands apart from other comics as the central character is female. As you can expect, many of Shakti’s adventures are to do with righting the wrongs against women worldwide.

It’s interesting to note that she is the strongest of all superheroes in the Raj Comics universe, including the male superheroes.

This is the perfect comic to introduce your children to as they learn Hindi, especially given the current climate of empowering girls.

What are the top books for children to learn Hindi?

I’ve done the work for you and picked the best books in terms of units sold by the world’s biggest book retailer, Amazon. When you grab one of these books, you know thousands of other parents have also made the same great choice.

1. Hindi Children’s Book: Where is the Baby. Baalak Kahan Hai

This is the most popular children’s Hindi book on Amazon. Your children will love joining in the activities as they try to find the baby’s hidden body parts on each page, such as ears, eyes, nose, etc. They’re also encouraged to point to their own body parts.

You can expect clear fonts and beautiful illustrations that allow your children to learn parts of their bodies in Hindi. It will also help them create simple sentences.

2. The Fabulous Lost & Found and the little mouse who spoke Hindi

The next most popular book is the funny tale of a little mouse who walks into Lost & Found but can only speak Hindi. Mr and Mrs Frog need to figure out what the mouse needs.

Many parents love this book; some say their children were so busy laughing they had no idea they were learning.

Storytelling is one of the best ways for children (and adults) to learn a language. Add lots of humour, and it’s easy to see why this book has so many fans.

3. My Big Book Of Hindi Words

This is a great book that introduces Hindi words for different animals.

Choosing to focus on animals can be a smart move when introducing young ones to Hindi. Children have an innate love for animals, so you’re more likely to keep their interest and engagement.

They’ll learn not only how to say the name of each animal but also how to write it in Hindi. They’ll learn the names of farm animals, zoo animals, reptiles, birds, sea animals, insects, and much more.

4. My First Hindi Book. Hindi-English Book for Bilingual Children

This is a great first book for children. They will learn over 200 words on different topics.

Expect vivid, colourful illustrations to keep your children engaged while they learn how to pronounce numbers, translate words, read the Hindi alphabet, and more.

5. Look at Me I’m Learning Hindi

This is another book that uses the power of storytelling to engage the reader while teaching Hindi.

Follow the adventures of Mo and other children as they learn how to count to 10, talk about their pets, games they like to play, their likes and dislikes, etc.

Please note. The author has chosen to teach a hybrid of Hindi and Urdu words. This is likely because the younger Indian generations tend to speak a mixture of Hindi, Urdu and English. However, if you want your children to learn pure Hindi, this will not be the best book to buy.

How do I keep my kids focused on learning Hindi?

Children have shorter attention spans than adults, so if you want them to learn something, you need to make it engaging.

I recommend a variety of learning materials, from books and magazines to apps and YouTube channels.

With a little planning, you’ll have kids begging to learn more Hindi because it’s fun.

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