Marugoto Review: Surprisingly Good (+ Free) Japanese Course

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A considerably high-quality Japanese course, quite in-depth with plenty of opportunity for listening comprehension and speaking.
Marugoto Review: Surprisingly Good (+ Free) Japanese Course

Pricing: Free (optional paid classes)
  • Free
  • In-depth and high quality
  • Based on an excellent and popular coursebook
  • Multilingual
  • Clunky platform (poorly designed)


A surprisingly good and in-depth, free online course based on the popular coursebook, Marugoto: Japanese Language and Culture. Suitable for learners at an A1-A2 level.

DepthThis is 'content' richness. How comprehensive is Marugoto and does it take you far in terms of levels, or is it more suited to low level/tourist learners?
UniquenessIs Marugoto innovative or is it just an imitation? Does it have a unique selling proposition (USP) that makes it stand out among competitors?
QualityOverall product quality indicator that covers everything from video/dialogue clarity, authenticity, explanations, and effectiveness.
CostIs Marugoto acceptably priced and how does its pricing compare to market competition?
Marugoto Coursebook

If you’re looking for top-notch, free online Japanese course, Marugoto is quite good.

Based on the popular coursebook with the same name, Marugoto is suitable for A1 to A2 (CEFR) level learners (N5 on the JLPT) which you can determine by taking their online placement test.

You have two options with Marugoto: “Katsudoo” or “Katsudoo + Rikai”.

The first option is the easier, more relaxed learning path and the latter is intensive (it’s basically the same content as the “Katsudoo” option but with additional grammar and literacy components).

Marugoto is outstanding for a free resource - high quality audio dialogues, vocabulary and quizzes to test you. It’s not sufficient on its own but an excellent resource nonetheless (see these Japanese resources too).

The course is completely free but there are optional classes you can take for a fee.

Used Marugoto before? What are your thoughts?

Comment below!

Pricing: Free (optional paid classes)

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