Best Spanish Immersion Courses For Seniors (Over 50's)

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Best Spanish Immersion Courses For Seniors (Over 50's)

Are you over 50 and learning Spanish?

Many options exist for mature learners in various Spanish-speaking parts of the world to do Spanish language and cultural immersion.

I’ve researched and handpicked my favorite courses that cater for older age brackets below.

Find the perfect Spanish course seniors in this guide.

Online options

Before I dive into the brick and mortar Spanish schools that cater to over 50’s, I want to quickly recommend a handful of online options in case you’re unable to travel.

  • Rocket Spanish: This is arguably the best and most comprehensive Spanish course available online, and it suits all levels. You can learn at your own pace and get assistance when needed.
  • Pimsleur: This excellent course has been a market leader for decades. It’s audio-only, and is suitable for anyone wanting to learn Spanish on the go.
  • Spanish Uncovered: If you enjoy reading, then this is a great option for learning Spanish at home as the teacher uses simple, short stories to teach you Spanish.
  • Lingoda: If you want a tutor or private teacher to teach you at your convenience from the comfort of your own home, then Lingoda is excellent.

These four options, in my opinion, are the most suitable for older learners.

You can see a more extensive list of online Spanish course options here.

Best in-person Spanish courses for mature students over 50

Here’s a list of the most suitable Spanish courses for seniors and over 50’s.

Some are located in Spain, while others are located in Latin America.

I’ve included prices in the list to help you compare which ones are ideal for your budget.

Don Quijote

Price: €750

Location: Spain or Latin America

Don Quijote is an engaging course you’ll have no problem attending in Spain or Latin America. The course is also available online and provides a community of local volunteers you can work and speak with. This perk offers you the perfect opportunity to practice Spanish in everyday scenarios.

You also have the opportunity to take part in intensive classes as part of their Super Intensive 30 course, which features 30 classes of Spanish every week.

This Spanish course for seniors has other cultural programs that provide an immersive experience that help you embrace the Spanish way of life, whether enjoying the Mediterranean culture in Alicante or attending a world-renowned carnival in Tenerife.

You can expect to pay €750 for the 50+ Don Quijote course, but it’s possible to personalise the program and pay more for additional services.

Camino Barcelona

Price: Varies

Location: Barcelona, Spain

What’s ideal about Camino Barcelona is its frequency of Spanish lessons - it offers 20 per week. This course offers lessons for students aged 50 and other age groups. The course provides various cultural activities and group trips to help you learn more about Barcelona and its culture.

You’ll be able to participate in seven activities in the cultural program each week - one every day. A Spanish teacher will accompany you in these activities as you practice the language.

With Camino Barcelona, you’ll have access to specific classes for Spanish beginner students, so there’s no need to worry about your Spanish level when you join the course.

To check the prices of Camino Barcelona’s Spanish course for seniors, fill out the calculator and contact the course organisers.

AIP Language Institute

Price: €116 per week (6 weeks) or €390 for 10 in-class lessons

Location: Valencia, Spain

A fun and engaging Spanish course for students over 50, the AIP Language Institute Spanish lessons offer a few advantages. Joining this Spanish course for seniors means you’ll get to work in small groups with the expert support of Spanish language teachers. The course’s teachers emphasise that this arrangement provides the best learning experience.

Recognising that each student learns differently, the teachers customise each lesson to match your learning approach. This method is ideal for students over 50 because it helps you learn Spanish engagingly and comfortably in a way that suits their needs.

Teachers in this course also use a plan and work closely with students to ensure all students make progress and no one finds it difficult to learn the course material.

The price of this course depends on the number of weeks you want to study Spanish.

For conversational lessons for two weeks, you will pay €116 for six lessons each week. For private lessons, you can pay €390 for 10 in-class Spanish private lessons.

Cervantes College

Price: €390 for one week or €630 for two weeks

Location: Murcia, Spain

The Cervantes College Spanish course for seniors is ideal for students over 55 years old. It offers a calm, relaxed atmosphere where students can learn Spanish step-by-step and about Spanish art and history.

Like many other examples of Spanish courses for those over 50s, Cervantes College offers students excursions and activities to attend. Signing up for this program means you can visit plenty of museums, travel to another city, learn about flamenco in a workshop, and sample tasty tapas and wine in an outing.

Each lesson lasts 50 minutes, and you can choose from one or two weeks of study. Students can also attend classes from A1 (complete beginner) to C2 (fluent) level in the mornings or afternoons.

The Cervantes College 50+ course costs €390 for one week and €630 for two weeks of study.

Estudio Hispanico

Price: Varies depending on location

Location: Many locations in Spain and Latin America

Joining the Estudio Hispanico Spanish course is the ideal way to study Spanish as a mature student. The course is ideal for students in their 50s and 60 and suitable for people of all nationalities and levels.

You can study from one of many Spanish locations, including Málaga, Granada, Nerja and Seville.

The course in Málaga offers 15 Spanish lessons each week, plus cookery class events, monument visits and trips to a market to augment your learning. If you attend the Granada course, you can study 20 Spanish lessons each week, participate in flamenco show activities, and attend a workshop on Spanish newspapers to provide the Spanish cultural side of immersive learning.

Teachers of these courses deliver lessons to small groups. The maximum number of students in the groups is 10, although the Seville and Granada courses include just eight students in the group.

The amount you pay for the course depends on the location you choose.

Studying in Málaga will cost €637, while studying in Granada, Nerja, and Seville will cost €450, €345, and €390, respectively.

Colegio España

Price: €705 (June) or €680 (other months) for one week

Location: Salamanca, Spain

Colegio España offers senior students Spanish language classes and leisure programs from Monday to Friday. The unique benefit you’ll receive with this course is that the organisers provide the books and learning materials.

Part of this course includes the potential to organise accommodation with a Spanish family to help you practice your Spanish skills with native speakers. You can also attend weekend trips to historical locations.

Your starting level doesn’t matter when you sign up for Colegio España’s course. It caters for students of all levels, from A1 to C2. You can attend 20 sessions during the week - four sessions each day.

This course is in Salamanca and offers a pick-up service for students travelling from abroad.

The cost of this course, including accommodation, is €705 for a week in July, and €680 for any other month.

Centro de Lenguas e Intercambio Cultural

Price: €672 for two weeks

Location: Seville, Spain

For Spanish courses for seniors that offer an authentic and tailored Spanish learning experience, the Centro de Lenguas e Intercambio Cultural offers a unique experience. In this course, you can complete cultural activities alongside your lessons and experience Sevillian life.

Teachers of this course adjust their teaching styles according to how you learn best to help you learn and stay engaged in the lessons.

You can study Spanish in 20 lessons each week. The classes are 50 minutes long, but you can customise your course with grammar and conversation extras, medical Spanish courses, thematic Spanish lessons, and private classes.

The cost of the CLIC course for seniors depends on the number of weeks you intend to study. If you want to study for two weeks, you will pay €672.

Instituto Andalusí

Price: €395 for two weeks

Location: Málaga, Spain

From topics about shopping and ordering food in a restaurant to travelling and ways to express your preferences, the range of subjects you can learn at Instituto Andalusí is large. This Spanish course for seniors lasts for two weeks and includes 10 hours of excursions each week.

In the course, you’ll learn about Spanish grammar and vocabulary. But you’ll also be able to learn through activities, such as gazpacho and paella cooking classes, visits to cathedrals and churches and visits to historical locations such as castles and fortresses.

The course also includes interactive teaching methods, including role plays. However, other engaging sessions include listening to Spanish music and watching movies.

Prices vary, but you can expect to pay €395 for a two-week course.


Price: Varies

Location: Many locations in Spain and Latin America

The great feature Enforex offers students is its cultural immersion experience. It’s ideal if you want to study in Spain or Latin America and study at your own pace. Founders designed the 50+ course for students over 50 and provide a two-week course to help you understand the Spanish language.

You’ll participate in 20 classes during the two weeks and socialise with other language learners. The course offers three engaging weekly adventures if you want to join the cultural activities.

With Enforex, you study one of the engaging Spanish courses for seniors and learn in Costa Rica, Ecuador, or Mexico. You can also choose between many locations in Spain, including Málaga and Salamanca.

Anyone of any age can learn Spanish

While many Spanish courses cater to the younger crowd, there are plenty of options for those of us over 50, both online and abroad.

Learning Spanish is a great way to keep your mind sharp and active.

If I missed a good one, shoot me an email or leave a comment below.

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