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Hebrew Picture Dictionary: Learn The Hebrew Language Through Memes

May 02, 2020
A meme is an image or idea that spreads quickly. See how much you can learn about Israeli culture and the Hebrew language through these symbols.

How To Learn The Hebrew Alphabet (+ Cursive) Quickly

June 25, 2018
The Hebrew alphabet looks intimidating but many have proved it's possible to master. This will provide a breakdown of the Hebrew alphabet (incl. cursive).

20 Excellent Resources To Improve Your Swedish Listening Skills

June 04, 2018
I was brutally reminded that Swedish listening skills do diminish over time and that like many skills, if you don’t use it, you lose it. I set out on a quest to find some resources to restore my Swedish listening skills to their former glory. Here are some of the resources that I’ve been using.

How to Achieve Hebrew Language Immersion At Home Easily

May 14, 2018
You don't have to travel abroad to learn to speak Hebrew. Today I'll show you how to recreate a Hebrew language immersion environment at home.

20 Outstanding Listening Resources For Russian Learners Of All Levels

May 03, 2018
Improving listening comprehension in Russian is one of the most challenging aspects of learning the language. Here are some of the most outstanding resources for training your listening skills.

Why You Shouldn't Learn Hebrew At An Ulpan

April 16, 2018
Ulpanim have many advantages for learning Hebrew. The aim of this post is not to discount this learning method. It’s to give a different perspective. We''ll challenge the view of those who say taking an ulpan course is the failproof method for learning Hebrew.

Best Apps And Resources For Learning Hebrew In 2020

April 05, 2018
In this post, we'll focus on the tools and resources for learn the Hebrew language that are less known - in particular some helpful mobile and web apps.

The Beginner’s Guide To Learning Modern Greek (How To Get Started)

March 03, 2018
So you’ve decided to start learning Greek? You need a guide to get started and that's what this post is for. If you find that learning Greek is really for you, be assured that it is a journey well worth it.

Do Men And Women Really Learn Languages Differently?

February 23, 2018
Here are a few of the ways scientific studies have shown that men and women learn differently and how we can use these differences to be mutually beneficial.

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