9 Great Podcasts To Help You Learn French In 2024

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9 Great Podcasts To Help You Learn French In 2024

Podcasts are one of the most underrated French learning resources in my opinion.

For most people learning French, listening comprehension can be one of the most difficult parts of learning the language.

It always sounds like French speakers are speaking too quickly. 😊

French podcasts can help you get beyond this hurdle.

In this post, I’ll share a handful of the very best podcasts available for French learners, and explain why French podcasts are so important.

Make sure to checkout our comprehensive lists of best French courses and best apps to learn French as well.

Best podcasts to teach you French

French podcasts are my favorite kind of resource.

Keep reading for my top French podcasts to help with comprehension, pronunciation, and vocabulary.



The best thing about FrenchPod101? There are a range of high-quality videos for intermediate level students that take you on a journey through a variety of interesting topics.

These topics are ideal if your goal is to both gain more vocabulary and hone your French pronunciation, as you’ll be able to listen to and repeat the content along the way

The structured learning paths that FrenchPod101 features not only enable you to navigate their content with ease, it also guarantees that you’re accessing the ideal podcasts for your level. But there are so many other plusses that come with FrenchPod101.

Take the audio lessons themselves, for example.

For those of you who dislike learning grammar and want to really begin listening and speaking from the beginning, these top French podcasts are ideal for you. Their focus lies entirely on real-life use of the French language, and they’re all about how you apply the French language in real-world contexts. That’s what might appeal to you.

What’s unique: Accessing FrenchPod’s huge number of resources doesn’t require you to be online.

You can literally download all the audios and lesson guides, which are thorough and incredibly useful. What’s more, with the premium version of FrenchPod101 you’ll get access to the voice recognition feature, which will really bolster your pronunciation skills!

Read this FrenchPod101 review.

Duolingo French Podcast

Duolingo French Podcast

To receive fascinating real-life French dialogues and stories, Duolingo’s podcast is just ideal.

They’re fun, they’re engaging and they’re unique. That’s why they’ll keep your attention and help you advance.

Duolingo’s top French podcasts delve into a whole range of intriguing topics — from stories such as ‘La coureuse de Bamako’ (The Runner from Bamako) to other podcasts such as ‘L’amour et les chevaux sauvages’ (Love and Wild Horses) you’ll be thoroughly engrossed. These stories are one of a kind, helping you to really build your vocabulary. What’s more, Duolingo frequently adds more French podcasts to their list.

The Duolingo French podcast is perfect for intermediate French speakers searching for ways to boost their listening skills.

What’s unique: The stories themselves are a highly unique part of the French Duolingo podcasts. The fact that they’re unique really helps new phrases and ideas to stick in your mind.

If you’re still not 100% confident in your French listening abilities, you’ll also benefit from the English narrator. This will really help you understand the context of the story.

Coffee Break French

Coffee Break French

Coffee Break French’s fun selection of top French podcasts will maintain your attention for so many reasons.

As they include a comprehensive range of subjects and themes, such as travelling, ordering food and drinks, shopping and making friends, the goal of these podcasts is to take your French knowledge to the next level while being engaging — and they achieve exactly that!

Each podcast lasts around 20 minutes, which is ideal if you don’t have a sufficient amount of time to listen but really want to take your knowledge further.

Plus, the Coffee Break French podcasts come with a selection of lesson notes that really add to the learning experience and give you a grounding in the context behind the conversations.

Not only are Coffee Break’s podcasts a stress-free way to dive into the French language, you can also choose to access premium content that delves deeper into more complex grammar and French vocabulary with in-depth lessons.

What’s unique: The Coffee Break team’s podcasts and lessons are backed up by their social media presence. You’ll get cultural information about French ways of life and language tips from their social media channels, which will help you practise your skills regularly.

Coffee Break French adds posts three times a week, so you will always be able to learn on the go!

Learn French With Alexa

Learn French With Alexa

The Learn French with Alexa site claims that people from around the globe vouch for Alexa’s Polidoro’s popularity — and they’re not wrong!

With a selection of highly structured top French podcasts ranging from beginner (A1) to advanced (C2) level, you’ll be able to put your listening skills to the test and propel yourself towards French proficiency.

As well as being able to download the audio versions of Alexa’s engaging lessons, you’ll even have access to a range of resources, worksheets and support guides when you subscribe. And not only will you be able to access lesson quizzes exclusive to the Alexa platform, there are a variety of topics discussed in her podcasts.

Ranging from films, French culture and political developments, Alexa discusses critical issues in French with featured guests.

She also answers your burning questions related to the French language

What’s unique: The Learn French with Alexa YouTube channel is popular — so popular, in fact, that they’ve gained more than 1 million subscribers. You’ll also be able to track your progress with ease and test your level as you study with Alexa’s free interactive tests that range from entry to proficiency level and accompany the podcasts.

Learn French By Podcast

Learn French By Podcast

The bilingual Learn French by Podcast features both English and French speakers.

This might seem off-putting, particularly if you’re all for the total immersion approach to acquiring the French language. But this podcast is perfect for beginners and lower intermediate level students of the French language, and it gradually increases in difficulty until it features advanced-level conversations.

The conversations you’ll listen to vary.

They range from pronunciation and the French alphabet, to themes about the weather. Once the topic has been introduced and you have a better understanding of the context, they feature native French speakers. One advantage of having the bilingual element of these top French podcasts is that you’ll always have knowledge of the context of the dialogue.

Each MP3 audio can be downloaded and transferred to your computer, iPod or phone, which is perfect if you’re keen to perfect your French when you’re on the go.

Another little extra is that you’ll get an all-important, full transcript of your audio, in addition to a comprehensive, step-by-step analysis of the language you hear in the lessons. This is ideal if you’re not completely confident in your French listening abilities and would feel more comfortable following the text as you listen to the audio.

What’s unique: With Learn French by Podcast you also get a range of PDF guides which can further enhance your knowledge.

The number of resources is ideal for those looking to revise and go over topics you might have studied before.

Le Journal En Français Facile

Journal French Podcast

Cultural immersion just got a whole lot easier with this top French podcast — Journal en Français Facile. It’s a comprehensive information podcast which will provide you with a whole load of different stories in different contexts.

Struggling to gain confidence with your French listening skills? Well, what’s great about the Journal en Français Facile is that you’ll get the transcription of every audio. This is ideal for getting new vocabulary, learning how to pronounce it and learning exactly how it’s written.

The featured topics centre on world news and events around the globe, giving you political, historical and cultural information all in French.

What’s unique: Journal en Français Facile features a handy French dictionary which is perfect for researching new vocabulary that you might not have known before. An added plus is the frequency with which the Journal en Français Facile add more posts — there’s new content every day which will definitely keep you on your toes.

One Thing In A French Day Podcast

One Thing In A French Day

The great thing about the One Thing in a French Day podcast is that it gives you a real insight into French culture.

It’s informative while being warm and engaging. It gives you the details of French day to day life while being humorous and fun. And it really improves your speaking and listening skills.

Being a top French podcast, One Thing in a French Day goes beyond mundane verb drills in typical French textbooks. Instead, what you’ll get is a dynamic selection of conversations that cover family life, travel, city and country and much, much more.

What’s unique: You’ll get some amazing bonuses when you subscribe to the Frenchday Newsletter, including vocabulary lists and engaging newsletter episodes.

Français Authentique

Français Authentique

Ideal for those studying at an upper-intermediate or advanced level, the Français Authentique podcast is perfect if you’re looking for a fully immersive approach to French language learning.

It’s all in French so you can dive in at the deep end and skip the beginner content (e.g. French greetings) that you might already have.

You’ll find that these truly authentic dialogues include an extensive range of topics.

From topics such as French football players like Olivier Giroud, and familiar verbs you should know, Français Authentique’s top French podcasts are wide-ranging.

They’re typically between 10 and 15 minutes long and also go into detail on some of the less-explored idiomatic expressions, slang phrases and colloquial sayings that you’ll typically hear on French streets. This is ideal if you’re looking for more than what you learn in a French language school.

What’s unique: With the Français Authentique mobile app you can easily access all the audio and video episodes they make. This means you’ll always have your French content with you and can access it any time.

It’s perfect if you need to quickly brush up on new vocabulary when you’re travelling as you’ll have the app right there in your pocket.

One Minute French

One Minute French Podcast

With concise lessons that get to the heart of the French language, One Minute French is a top French podcast that helps you familiarise yourself with the basics.

They’re ideal for beginners looking to gain a good foundation from which to grow and advance to the next level.

Each podcast is between two to four minutes and features topics such as going on holiday, introducing yourself in French and making friends. Beginners will appreciate lessons that help you explain to someone that you don’t understand something in French, as well as how to count from one to ten.

What’s unique: Being short and to the point, these top French podcasts by One Minute French are ideal for learning French if you don’t have much free time.

In just two minutes, you’ll be able to understand some key phrases, which are spoken clearly and are easy to absorb.

What are the benefits of listening to French podcasts?

Cultural immersion is part and parcel of any language learner’s experience, and French is no exception.

French podcasts facilitate your immersion into the French culture simply by giving you access to common French day-to-day anecdotes, expressions and sayings.

So, for many French language learning students, top French podcasts give you a sense of what French life is actually like without living in a French-speaking country.

They also give you the chance to hear French phrases within the contexts they’re intended for, and give you a taste of some of the more informal language and colloquial phrases used by native speakers every day.

Pronunciation and French accent practice is also vital if you’re learning French, and a podcast can also help with these two challenging elements of language learning. By listening closely and modelling your pronunciation on French words spoken by native speakers, you can really enhance your pronunciation skills.

Top French podcasts are also an engaging and entertaining way to brush up on listening skills if you haven’t practiced in a while.

As listening is often thought of as one of the most difficult skills to acquire, you’ll be able to tackle it directly by listening to French podcasts.

And, in contrast to other forms news — like the radio, French podcasts can be paused, rewound and played again to ensure you completely understand what native French speakers are saying.

Reap the benefits of French podcasts

Comprehension of the French language can no doubt be a challenge, and the challenge gets even tougher when you have to choose the right podcast. But once you find the most appropriate podcast, you’ll soon notice that your comprehension of the French language gets a significant boost.

Take note that listening to podcasts alone doesn’t substitute a consistent learning process — rather, it augments it.

French YouTube channels are also really helpful.

Nonetheless, listening to a range of French podcasts will give you cultural knowledge, French immersion and guide you in terms of French pronunciation.

Start listening to French podcasts and see how your listening skills improve.

Know of a French podcast that I didn’t mention?

Share it below in the comment section.

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