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How To Learn Languages Like A Child (Yes It Is Possible)

October 27, 2018
Learning languages the way children do is something adults are capable of, despite what many believe. I'll explain and demonstrate how to do this.

FluentU Review (2020): Better Than Yabla Or Poor Imitation?

April 15, 2018
FluentU review: it still stands as one of the best video language learning platforms for various foreign languages. The only similar alternative is Yabla.

Passive Language Learning Is Nonsense And Here's Why...

February 23, 2016
You can't learn a language passively. Language learning – whether they''re our first, second or eighth – is the result of active use and engagement.

40 Excellent Arabic Listening Resources In All Dialects

August 12, 2015
Here you'll find some excellent links to high quality material online that will improve your listening skills in Arabic.

The One Thing You Can't Bullshit In Foreign Language Learning

March 06, 2015
Comprehension, particularly listening comprehension, is the one aspect of language learning that you can't bullshit.

How To Improve Your Foreign Language Comprehension

August 30, 2014
Have you ever tried to converse with a native speaker of your target language but found that despite being able to speak pretty well you can barely catch a word of what he/she says?

Glossika Review And Eye-Opening Interview With Its Founder

May 14, 2014
In this Glossika review and interview, I put the language learning method to the test and throw some tough questions at founder, Mike Campbell.

How To Learn Languages With Music And Interlinear Lyrics

February 22, 2012
One of the things I often do which I find really helpful is to create my own interlinear sing-alongs using the song's lyrics and translation...

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