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Learning French? Here Are 5 Books I Recommend You Own

February 18, 2021
Here are the best books to learn French from my experience. Whether your focus is grammar, conversation or reading, these French books will help.

22 Best Apps To Learn French In 2021 (Tried And Tested)

February 16, 2021
Looking for the best apps to learn French? In this roundup, I'll share with you my list of the best apps available for French.

How To Order Food And Desserts At A Restaurant In French

September 18, 2020
Want to learn how to order food in French? If you're visiting France or heading to a French restaurant, these vocabulary and phrases will help you order meals en français.

French Accent Marks For Beginners (+ How To Type On PC And Mac)

January 27, 2020
Today we’ll take a look at some of the French language (and our keyboard)’s most well-hidden secrets: the French accent marks.

37 Best And Worst Online French Courses For 2021

March 16, 2017
Today I'm going to share my opinion as a French learner on the best online French courses available today (most popular course products).

10 Reasons Why You Should Do French Immersion Outside Paris

September 21, 2016
Here are 10 reasons why Paris is not the best choice for doing French immersion if you really want to learn French well.

Alliance Française Review: It's Very Hit And Miss

October 15, 2015
Here are my thoughts on my experience learning French through the Alliance Française.

30 French Phrases You Absolutely Need When Visiting France

October 05, 2015
Traveling to France? You should learn some French phrases. I’ve gathered up 30 of the most important French phrases for you to learn before visiting France.

Rocket French Review 2021 Edition: An Honest Look

June 02, 2015
Today I'm going to share my Rocket French review with you (one of the popular editions of the Rocket Languages series) as well as some of its pros and cons.

Review: French In A Day With Elisabeth Smith iPhone App

July 11, 2012
I recently received a sample of the French edition of Elisabeth Smith's In A Day iPhone/iPad apps from Hodder Education.

How To Start Learning French As A Beginner (And Succeed)

December 12, 2011
Want to learn the French language? Whether you're a first-time learner or learning it again, this post will help you get started learning French.

Brutally Honest FrenchPod101 Review

December 08, 2011
This review will closely examine and scrutinize the content and effectiveness of Innovative Language's FrenchPod101.

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