14 Best Podcasts To Learn Hindi In 2024

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14 Best Podcasts To Learn Hindi In 2024

Do you love listening to podcasts and wonder if there are any to help you learn Hindi?

The truth is, the problem is not finding podcasts, but rather choosing the perfect one.

How do you determine which is the best for you?

This is why I’ve created this list of the best podcasts to help you learn Hindi.

I’ve looked at whether they suit beginner, intermediate, or advanced students, as well as the style so you can pick which appeals to you the most.

The best podcasts to help you learn Hindi

To make it easier to pick the perfect one, the below podcasts are categorized by level.

Podcasts to help beginners

1. HindiPod101

HindiPod101 is the most well-known brand for learning Hindi online in general.

They offer a multi-channel approach to learning, not just podcasts.

You can learn through videos, quizzes, word lists, slideshows, flashcards, etc.

If you’re already using HindiPod101, accessing their podcasts makes sense.

The lessons are bite-size at under 10 minutes each. They have lessons for absolute beginners (including the Hindi alphabet) as well as intermediate and advanced students.

You’ll find a number of free podcast lessons.

As you progress, you need to subscribe for more content. Costs are reasonable at around $8-47, depending on support.

2. Learn Hindi On the Go

This weekly podcast helps beginners as well as intermediate Hindi students.

Just check the title on new episodes, where it will state if a particular episode is for beginners or not.

Lessons are under 20 minutes and are also free.

It’s also good to know that this podcast is created by a team of Hindi teachers with many years of experience.

3. Baalgatha Hindi

Baalgatha Hindi is a podcast that tells stories to children.

However, this is an ideal podcast for Hindi beginners, regardless of age.

As it’s aimed at children, the vocabulary is perfect for beginners to understand.

We also learn best when we learn through stories.

You might find listening to these fun stories accelerates your Hindi fluency.

4. Learn Hindi with LinguaBoost

Learn Hindi with LinguaBoost aims to get you conversing in Hindi as quickly as possible and less on getting things ‘right.’

Lessons are bite-size, with most episodes under 15 minutes.

And if you like their style, you can buy complete lesson volumes along with PDF lessons.

Podcasts to help intermediate students

1. Hindi Thesaurus: Exploring Modern Spoken Hindi

This podcast is ideal for intermediate students who want to expand their vocabulary beyond the basics.

Each episode comes with a downloadable glossary.

This is ideal for those who want to know as many words as possible fast,

2. The Tastes of India

If you love cooking, this podcast is an ideal way to learn Hindi and indulge in your hobby.

Don’t worry. You don’t need to be a chef.

The recipes are simple, quick, and delicious.

If you love learning and eating tasty food, this podcast will satisfy both desires.

3. Learn Hindi From Bollywood Movies

If you’re fascinated with Bollywood movies, this entertaining podcast will teach you Hindi through movies and songs.

Sadly, it now appears to be permanently rested, but with over a hundred episodes, there’s enough to keep you busy for a long time.

4. Navbharat Gold

Navbharat Gold is ideal if you prefer to pick up Hindi by listening to a ‘magazine’ podcast covering different topics.

It covers sports, relationships, health, and even spirituality.

This is the perfect podcast for those who may get bored with one topic or genre.

The variety on offer here is sure to keep you interested.

5. BBC Ek Mulaaqaat

If you’re fascinated with Bollywood celebrities, this is your podcast.

Learn Hindi while you listen to revealing interviews, news, and gossip from ‘B-town.’

Do not underestimate how much Bollywood is a part of modern Indian culture.

Learning about this huge industry will not only help your Hindi skills but also give you topics of conversation that you can enjoy with many Indians.

6. Kahaani Suno

We discussed earlier how stories are an ideal way to learn.

We find it much easier to recall stories than facts and figures, and of course they’re much more fun.

This podcast will allow you to learn Hindi while immersing yourself in India’s rich storytelling culture.

The stories are written by someone of India’s most loved writers, so this will not disappoint if you’re a literary fan.

Podcasts to help advanced students

1. SBS Hindi

This is a short, daily podcast for those who love to keep on top of current affairs.

Sometimes there will be several episodes in one day if there is a lot of news to cover.

What’s interesting about this podcast is that it covers national and international news.

You may find episodes that cover events you’re familiar with already.

You can listen to these in Hindi, greatly helping your comprehension.

2. Lehren Diaries

We keep returning to Bollywood, but that’s because it’s such a key feature of contemporary Indian culture.

This podcast appears to have been rested last year, but there are plenty of episodes to keep you busy and entertained.

You’ll learn about controversies, gossip, and memorable Bollywood moments.

At the same time, you’re perfecting your Hindi.

3. Old is Gold

Like stories, musical lyrics help us learn and recall information, something we struggle to do with facts and figures.

Not only that, it’s far more entertaining to learn through music.

Discover the music from the ‘golden era’ of Bollywood, the 70s and 80s, while taking your Hindi to the next level.

Not only will you impress Indians with your vocabulary, but you’ll also wow them with your knowledge of some of the best-loved songs of all time.

4. Akashavani Hindi News

Akashavani is another news podcast by a renowned Indian broadcaster.

It covers both national and international news.

A real advantage of this podcast is how the hosts speak.

They speak in some of the clearest Hindi you will hear. This means this podcast is ideal for those who struggle with regional accents and informal words.

As you can see, learning Hindi does not need to be just lessons in greetings, grammar, etc. You can enjoy all kinds of content.

At the same time, you’re increasing your vocabulary and comprehension.

Here are some more reasons to add podcasts to your Hindi learning journey.

Key reasons why you should use podcasts to learn Hindi

1. Active listening

There’s so much noise online.

While reading this article, you may have received an email or social media notification.

When you choose to listen to podcasts, you tend to ‘switch off’ everything else and focus on actively listening to the content. Listening to just 10 minutes of a podcast could be more beneficial than 20 minutes or more online when you’re constantly distracted.

It’s the ideal medium to learn Hindi.

2. Never get bored

Listening to classes or lectures focused solely on learning Hindi could get tiresome.

Podcasts open up a world of genres and styles, such as current affairs, travel, celebrity interviews, etc.

I don’t recommend this for absolute beginners as it will be tough to comprehend.

But for intermediate and advanced students, these podcasts can allow you to learn Hindi and simultaneously learn about a particular topic.

3. Immersion into Indian culture

Listening to podcasts designed for Hindi listeners allows you to step into Indian culture.

You may learn slang or informal words and turns of phrases that are missing in your dedicated language classes. Your ears will start picking up different accents or variations in speech.

You’ll also develop a deeper understanding of the Indian culture as it is now and not a romanticised past.

4. Ease of use

Podcasts give you handy tools that help you learn Hindi.

An example is the ability to rewind a podcast if you missed something.

Another is reducing playback speed for better comprehension.

Some podcasts will even give you automatic transcripts to read along to each episode.

5. Cost-effective

Many podcasts are free. Some need a paid subscription, but these are usually small.

You can learn Hindi without spending a lot of money.

Use podcasts to learn Hindi

You’ll struggle to learn Hindi using only podcasts.

However, so long as they’re used alongside structured Hindi courses, you may find your language skills improve quickly and dramatically.

People who learn just from structured classes may find they cannot quickly adapt their skills to real-world situations.

When you add podcasts, you develop flexibility and learn informal phrases.

You may also pick up some ‘Hinglish.’

This is the practice of mixing English words with Hindi to create new words and phrases. Hinglish is particularly popular among younger generations.

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