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How To Read And Pronounce The Russian Alphabet (Cyrillic)

January 13, 2021
In this guide, I'll teach you the Russian alphabet (called Cyrillic). We'll go through the vowels and consonants, and the pronunciation of each.

How To Say Hello In Arabic And Respond (Formal + Informal)

January 04, 2021
In Arabic, there are many ways to say hello, and each dialect has its own variations. Here's a guide that covers the most common ways to greet people.
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How To Order Food From A Taco Truck In Spanish

September 16, 2020
Want to know how to order from a taco truck using only Spanish? Rather than English, use this guide to help you place your order in Spanish next time you head out for a taco.

How To Learn German With English Similarities, Cognates And Etymology

June 05, 2019
It's very true that the English and German languages historically and etymologically have the same origins. This can benefit you as a learner of German.

Learning Turkish: How To Improve Beyond The Beginner Level

February 27, 2019
You've passed the Turkish Beginner stage and now struggling with reaching an Intermediate level. Here's how to achieve high fluency in the Turkish language.
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How To Use Audacity For Language Learning [+ Subtitles]

February 14, 2019
There's a great trick for using Audacity to create language snippet labels and then convert them into minimally-distracting .SRT subtitles. Let me show you.

How To Start Learning German As A Complete Beginner

September 21, 2018
This will show you how to start to learn German as a complete beginner and point you toward some of the best resources for speaking, listening and grammar.

If I Started Learning Hebrew Again, This Is How I'd Do It

March 14, 2018
I had been learning Hebrew for over a year before I went to Israel. If I could start learning Hebrew again my process would be slightly different.

How To Use Linux For Language Learning (Part 3: LWT, mpv, qutebrowser)

November 20, 2017
In this video I show you a few things I'm working on to improve the usability of Learning With Texts in Linux.

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