Spanish With Paul (Course) Review: Too Dull In My Opinion

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A detailed Spanish course that extends on its extremely popular YouTube channel, but unfortunately is dull as hell to use.
Try Spanish With Paul

Spanish With Paul
Spanish With Paul
Pricing: $99.95 (course only) or $199.95 (course + updates + mentoring)
  • Very comprehensive and detailed
  • Direct access to the teacher and native speaker assistants
  • 80 hours of content
  • Extremely tedious 'slideshow' lesson style
  • Non-native teacher and pronunciation
  • Outdated, clunky design
  • Pricey


The Spanish With Paul course extends on the extremely popular YouTube channel with the same name, applying the same approach and extensively covering almost every aspect of Spanish. Unfortunately, the course is tedious to work through and has an old, outdated design making it a slog to work through.

Spanish With Paul is pricey but still more affordable than some other more popular alternatives.

If you’re learning Spanish, you’ve probably come across the Learn Spanish With Paul channel on YouTube.

Well I decided to briefly review his popular course (aptly named Spanish With Paul) this week.

You’re looking at about 80+ hours of content which is extremely comprehensive in scope, covering pretty much every pertinent topic of Spanish.

The YouTube channel basically contains randomly-selected lessons from the paid course, so I feel that the free YouTube videos give an accurate representation of what to expect from the main course.

I’ll be honest: While I do like the level of depth the course offers, the approach is dull as hell.

Something about hours upon hours of slides is just unappealing for so many reasons. That’s not to say the material is bad - it just needs to be presented in a more enjoyable way.

The accessibility of Paul and his native speaker assistants is definitely a plus (provided you pay $199.95 rather than $99.95), but there are definitely far better online Spanish courses available however (see this review of Rocket Spanish for example).

Spanish With Paul
Pricing: $99.95 (course only) or $199.95 (course + updates + mentoring)
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If this course has direct access to a teacher and native Spanish speakers, I have yet to find them and I'm halfway through the course. The admin. doesn't even answer emails. I agree with the tedious slide show lesson style

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