6 Ways To Say 'My Love' In Italian

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6 Ways To Say 'My Love' In Italian

If you have an Italian significant other, then one of the most endearing ways to address them is calling them “my love”. ❤️

There are several ways you can do this in Italian (along with close alternatives).

In this quick guide, I’ve outlined 6 options and variations for you.

My love in Italian

In case you’re in a hurry, here’s a handy reference table.

Note: some of these only carry close nuances to ‘my love’ in usage.

My loveAmore mio
My darlingTesoro mio
My heartCuore mio
My angelAngelo mio
My dearCaro mio / Cara mia
My lifeVita mia

I’ll expand on each of these below.

Amore mio

Meaning: The most literal translation of “my love” in Italian. It’s a very common term of endearment used to express affection for someone.

Grammar: The word amore is a masculine noun in Italian, so mio is the correct form of “my”, regardless of the gender of the person you’re addressing.

Etymology: Amore comes from the Latin word amor which also means “love”.

Usage: It’s used widely and universally (not just in romantic contexts, but familial as well). It’s a sincere and straightforward expression of love.

Tesoro mio

Meaning: “My treasure”. This is an affectionate term used to show that the person is highly valued and cherished.

Grammar: The noun tesoro is masculine, thus mio is used irrespective of the gender of the person you’re addressing.

Etymology: Tesoro is acutally derived from the Latin word thesaurus which means treasury or a collection of valuable things (yes, a thesaurus in English is literally a treasury of words).

Usage: Used in various intimate (and familial) contexts to express affection and admiration. It signifies that the person is as valuable and cherished as a treasure.

Cuore mio

Meaning: Translates to “my heart” in English. This is another common term of endearment expressing deep love.

Grammar: Cuore is a masculine noun in Italian, hence mio is used.

Etymology: Cuore is derived from the Latin word cor which means heart.

Usage: Used to express profound love or affection for someone. It signifies that the person holds a special place in your heart. Similar to “my heart” in English.

Angelo mio

Meaning: This phrase means “my angel”. Use this if you want to call a person pure or heavenly.

Grammar: The noun angelo is masculine, hence mio is used.

Etymology: Angelo comes from the Latin angelus which is derived from the Greek ἄγγελος (ángelos) meaning messenger.

Usage: Use this to emphasize the angelic perfection of your significant other, especially a woman.

Caro mio / Cara mia

Meaning: “My dear” in English. Used to express affection or love towards someone.

Grammar: Caro (dear) is an adjective and unlike the others listed here, it changes based on the gender of the person being addressed. So, use caro mio for men and cara mia for women.

Etymology: Caro comes from the Latin carus which means dear or expensive.

Usage: These phrases are often used to begin or end sentences in loving, intimate contexts, similar to “my dear” in English.

Vita mia

Meaning: “My life”. Very strong term of endearment that expresses how crucial the person is to the speaker’s life.

Grammar: Vita is a feminine noun in Italian, thus mia is used, regardless of the gender of the person you’re addressing.

Etymology: Vita comes from the Latin word of the same spelling and meaning.

Usage: This term is used to express deep affection and attachment, suggesting that the person is as vital to the speaker as their own life.


There you have it.

You’ll get a lot of mileage out of these variations of “my love”, but they’re only a small handful of the many romantic terms of endearment you’ll encounter in Italian.

Italian is one of the most expressive languages in the world for romantics. 😊

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