How To Use Linux For Language Learning (Part 1: mpd, ncmpcpp + trans with Assimil)

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I decided to do something a little unusual over the next few weeks.

Recently I decided to revisit and update one of my old tutorials called How To Install Learning With Texts On Your Own Computer (here).

It’s an open source LingQ clone that a guy put together way back in 2011 (it was popularized and briefly hosted by Fi3M).

Despite its age, it’s still one of the most useful and innovative programs available in my opinion. The how-to that I put together is still one of the most popular articles I’ve written in fact even though I wrote it years ago (I’ll cover it in an upcoming video).

As I was looking at it, I had a fun idea to put together some short screencasts of my Linux setup for language learning.

I know it may only interest a small number of people but I think it’s a topic worth covering as Linux is the preferred OS of many language learners including myself.

There’s nothing groundbreaking in these screencasts and I haven’t provided any detailed tutorials on how to set things up but I’ll be happy to provide it if there’s enough interest.

Expect several of these screencasts to follow.

Featured in this video:

OS: Arch Linux
WM: i3 (i3-gaps to be specific)
Software: mpd + ncmpcpp + trans
Also: Assimil Russian (the same package I reviewed here)

Note that as I intimate in the video, most of this can be achieved in a thousand different ways and there are no special secrets here.

I guess you could call them my own personal efficiency or productivity hacks in a sense.

The two main reasons why this particular setup works for me:

  1. Simplicity and minimal distraction.
  2. Accessibility. Since I can connect to it from anywhere, I can have this database of language learning course material on my home PC and listen to it from my mobile while driving or a laptop in a coffee shop (provided I leave my computer on when I go out). No cloud. No mobile storage.

As I said in the video, Assimil is exceptional for this kind of thing because they’ve done an amazing job naming their MP3’s correctly.

It’s also a great way to use Glossika.

Does this style of post/video interest you?

Make sure to let me know in the comment section so I know if I should do more of it in the future (or not!). 🙂

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I'm very interested in learning more about using your set up, especially for language hacking but just productivity hacking in general. I currently use windows and I have all my files sync across my 4 computers via microsoft's onedrive cloud product (like dropbox). I have no experience with Linux but I've been using Anki for a few years and just installed LWT with help from your tutorial. Would you be able to point me in the general direction of some resources for gaining familiarity with Linux and other potential hacks, as well as how to build your setup (as you mentioned you might do in the body of the article above) for language hacking specifically with syncing all your mp3 files and creating the youtube downloader and srt file stripper? Anki and LWT have transformed my language learning process and I really like what I've seen you do with technology that I haven't seen anywhere else.

BTW I just listened to all your podcasts on itunes and love the ones on esperanto and brexit (and your Christian influence). I couldn't agree more. It's nice to see someone out there whose so 'transgressive' and hasn't drank the proverbial kool-aid ;-)


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