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[Ep. #27] Overseas Language Immersion With Kids

In this episode, I talk about our recent trip to Jordan as a young family with a toddler, and some of the unique benefits it brought to our language immersion experience.


  • Solo travel gets old and limits you in more ways than you realize.
  • Traveling with kids opens up a world of new opportunities and relationships in language immersion that single/childless people are excluded from.
  • Immersion with children is important for their development as they get exposed to new cultures and people groups.
  • I’ve realized now just how superficial my relationships were while traveling young and solo.
  • There are new challenges involved with traveling as a family (e.g. being an interpreter for the family).
  • The biggest cons to doing this with family as opposed to being solo is that it limits your time and chance of random encounters.
  • Being married with kids is a badge of honor in many cultures and will allow you to interact with and befriend people in new circles.


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