Outstanding Career Options For Polyglots
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[26] Outstanding Career Options For Polyglots

In this episode, I go over some of the absolute best career options for language learners and polyglots (including some less common ones).


  • Career can be a great extrinsic motivator for language learning (though intrinsic motivation is better long-term).
  • Translation is the most popular choice – working with the written word.
  • Interpretation is the next one but is often confused with translation. While translation is to do with written text, interpretation is the spoken word.
  • Foreign language intelligence is good for people who love languages and have exceptional people skills.
  • Teach it. Although teaching as a non-native speaker isn’t desirable most of the time, it’s still valuable in the right circumstances.
  • Customer service positions for people with foreign language skills abound these days.
  • The military. While you may not have a choice which language you learn, you’ll still be paid to learn languages and get salary increases for every language you learn.
  • Become a language blogger or content creator (i.e. YouTube). This can be incredibly lucrative and allow you to help a lot of people with what you’ve learned. See my article on language blogging.
  • Try humanitarian work. There are loads of opportunities around (some pay, most don’t).
  • Check out companies like Appen which hire computational linguists.

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Outstanding Career Options For Polyglots
"The limits of my language mean the limits of my world."
- Ludwig Wittgenstein
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