Top Primary School Spanish Resources For Homeschool Or Lockdown

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Top Primary School Spanish Resources For Homeschool Or Lockdown

If you’re wondering how to successfully homeschool primary schoolers and teach them the Spanish language, don’t panic.

There are plenty of courses and apps that should be on your list. So, your challenge is not that there aren’t any courses or apps out there…

What you might struggle with is picking the right type of course, or the right app for your student. You might find that some apps and courses are too structured to keep your student’s attention, or that there are not enough songs for this purpose.

The homeschool Spanish apps and courses we have chosen for this list are all unique, but they will all make learning a fun experience.

Some might be better suited to your student than others, so explore the list and narrow your options down!

Best Spanish courses and apps ideal for homeschooling primary schoolers

You’ll find a detailed list of my favorite courses and apps for homeschooling your primary schooler just below.

Which courses suit your little one?

Ouino (Spanish)

For homeschooling your primary schooler in Spanish, my first recommendation to anybody is Ouino.

Ouino comes as both installable software and a mobile app, and is designed with homeschooling in mind. It’s packed with interactive Spanish learning material, and covers all the essential skills for Spanish literacy and conversation.

Suitable for most ages.

Duolingo Kids

Gamified Spanish lessons anyone? Duolingo Kids is where you’ll get them, and this platform is perfect for homeschooling primary schoolers.

Since primary schoolers all enjoy learning when it’s fun, Duolingo Kids should be on your list of courses to explore.

Points and new levels are waiting for your student — but this platform doesn’t lose sight of the Spanish learning experience.

What Duolingo Kids features is a Spanish course that has fill-in-the-blank games and speaking and listening activities.

Another feature is the chance for your primary schooler to explore different topics, or ‘worlds’ and learn vocabulary for each category.

123 Teach Me — Spanish

Gain access to free online Spanish games, resources and courses for your primary schooler from the 123 Teach Me — Spanish website.

The courses and lessons you’ll find on this website include ‘asking questions’, ‘days and months’, ‘telling the time’ and ‘asking for directions’.

Spanish resources on this site include worksheets and videos to assist with knowledge acquisition, but there are also plenty of creative and fun games aimed at primary schoolers, which will keep them entertained.


LinguaLearner is the perfect homeschool course for primary schoolers aged up to five years old. It aims to introduce your primary schooler to the Spanish language and teach them the language — even if you lack knowledge of Spanish yourself.

The course is separated into various topics, including science and math, literacy practice, music and movement and art projects. With LinguaLearner, you’ll also have the option of signing up to live classes that are taught online.

This course specifically emphasizes bilingual Spanish studies. It is fun, interactive and stress-free!

Bilingual Kidspot

Your primary schooler might already speak some Spanish if they are growing up in a bilingual home. This is where Bilingual Kidspot can help.

There are plenty of lessons as part of the Bilingual Kidspot course. This platform begins with Spanish greetings, moves on to objects, body parts and actions and continues to Spanish numbers and counting.

Resources are also available on the Bilingual Kidspot for homeschooling your primary schooler. You’ll find Spanish apps, books, other curriculums, games, YouTube channels, kids movies and plenty of other resources here.

The Cultured Kid

The lessons you get in The Cultured Kid course are immersion-based and teach your primary schooler the Spanish language from home through play. This means your little one will learn from the very beginning and find the lessons entertaining.

Founders of The Cultured Kid understand the importance of teaching primary schoolers new vocabulary to build their Spanish knowledge. They achieve this with videos on vocabulary and phonetic flashcards. There are also plenty of songs and games to keep your kids focused and activity sheets to help them develop their knowledge.

Mango Languages Classroom

Mango Languages Classroom contains content aimed at students in schools. This doesn’t mean you can’t use it as a homeschool course for primary schoolers.

Its content will assist you in tracking your homeschooler’s progress as they learn. But what you’ll also get are quizzes and tests and apps for mobile, course plans and structures to the lessons, and the ability to track how engaged your primary schooler has been.

Muzzy BBC

A homeschool course for primary schoolers that focuses on immersion, Muzzy BBC is a platform that will engage your primary schooler.

There’s something about Muzzy BBC that makes learning easy. It might be the catchy songs that it features, the unique stories it tells, the animations and games it has — all of which are designed to help your primary schooler to focus.

The other great thing about Muzzy BBC is that regardless of whether you speak Spanish or not, your children will learn very well. You will have no problems understanding the Muzzy BBC lesson plans because there are even subtitles provided.

Sonrisas Spanish

Sonrisas Spanish is a course that provides you with all the resources needed to homeschool your primary schooler. As well as engaging activities, you will gain access to fun songs, projects related to arts and crafts, literature resources — and much more.

This curriculum is great for preparing your primary schooler for middle school. It uses a specific approach that includes immersion and development, and also is geared towards a culturally rounded learning experience.

Sonrisas Spanish also aims to encourage students to learn the Spanish language throughout their lives, as opposed to giving up after a short period.

Risas y Sonrisas

At, also known as Risas y Sonrisas (which translates into English as ‘laughs and smiles’), fun and creativity is the key focus of their content.

There is a specific section for homeschools. When you sign up, you’ll be able to access a huge selection of lesson plans — more than 100 hours’ worth.

Spanish for Kids also offers an online program, making it simpler to teach your primary schooler from home. Keeping your student engaged is also simple with the online games, the vocabulary acquisition tools, bright coloured picture cards and songs provided by the platform.

BBC Languages Spanish

On the BBC Languages Spanish platform, you will be able to navigate to BBC Bitesize — a site suitable for homeschooling primary schoolers.

Bitesize has a great selection of course material, but there are also games to ensure your student’s attention doesn’t wander.

You’ll find videos here, as well as various course subjects, including numbers and counting, and greeting people, definite and indefinite articles and verb conjugations, punctuation and pronunciation, and so on.

Calico Spanish

When you join the Calico Spanish course, you’ll get materials and a simple program to homeschool your primary schoolers.

With plenty of entertaining songs and lessons that are broken down into smaller sections, the Calico Spanish program is a great option to help your students remember the Spanish vocabulary.

What’s also ideal is the fact that this course is goal-based. You will have the chance to monitor your student’s progress as they study.

And you will also notice the cultural emphasis of the Calico Spanish course, which will introduce and familiarise your students with Spanish cultures.

Pacca Alpaca

The makers of Pacca Alpaca knew that making learning fun is important when teaching primary schoolers. Here’s what this app is all about.

The app follows the adventures of an alpaca who travels around Australia. The story and premise are great for kids as it gives them access to both vocabulary and culture they wouldn’t have known before.

It has a range of characters and, like Duolingo Kids, is a fun app that will entertain your student.

But this doesn’t mean your student won’t learn Spanish.

They will study colours, shapes and numbers at a basic level.

They are also in the process of developing a television series to accompany the Pacca Alpaca platform, so if you found the app helpful, keep an eye out for that.

Gus On The Go

You’ll find that a wide range of topics is covered by the Gus on the Go app. From numbers and counting, to colours in Spanish, to transport, and parts of the body, there is plenty for your student to get stuck into.

There’s also plenty of vocabulary for each topic for your primary schooler to study.

With Gus on the Go, you’ll be able to track the progress of your student as well. This gamified app, like Pacca Alpaca and Duolingo Kids is fun — so there’s no need to worry about keeping your kids focused.

Use courses and apps to keep your students focused

Now you’ve got a selection of apps and courses for your primary schoolers, all that’s left is to start homeschooling them.

Work your way through the courses, track their progress and help them to learn the language.

If you’re not a native speaker, choose one of the apps or courses that have simpler lesson plans, which we have included on this list.

There’s no question that your student will soon start understanding words and phrases in Spanish with these courses and apps!

Do you have any suggestions for other homeschool Spanish courses and apps for primary or middle schoolers?

Share them in the comments!

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