Homeschool (Or Lockdown) Spanish Courses And Apps For Teens

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Homeschool (Or Lockdown) Spanish Courses And Apps For Teens

On the hunt for homeschooling Spanish courses, apps or books for teenagers? You’re not alone.

Homeschooling is on the rise, especially with unpredictable lockdowns and school closures, and many teachers and parents are searching for homeschool resources to help their students and children.

Is your high schooler suffering from confinameinto (‘lockdown’ in Spanish) or stuck in cuaraentena (quarantine)?

Or perhaps your family’s just being cautious by distanciamiento social (‘social distancing’) at home.

Whatever the case, studying at home requires creative ways to keep them interested, and certain resources can help you achieve this.

So, how can you find a selection of books, courses and apps for your high schooler to learn Spanish, and where should you begin?

If you’re unsure which homeschool Spanish tools are ideal for teenagers, this line will outline some great starting points.

I’ll update this list over time.

Best Spanish resources for teenagers/high schoolers stuck at home during lockdown or doing homeschooling

Ouino (Spanish)

For homeschooling your teenager in Spanish, my first recommendation to anybody is Ouino.

Ouino comes as both installable software and a mobile app, and is designed with homeschooling in mind. It’s jam packed with interactive Spanish learning material, and covers all the essential skills for Spanish literacy and conversation.

Mango Languages

The Mango Languages app is comprehensive.

This multilingual app features both Castillian Spanish and Latin American Spanish and includes various crucial features to help teenagers master the language.

Not only does this app give your students activities related to critical thinking and using the acquired knowledge and vocabulary, but it also boasts exercises of memory that increase the ability of students to remember the vocabulary they have learned.

There are grammar notes included in this homeschool app for teenagers — notes that go through the rules of grammar and assist students in their goal to speak fluently.

Mango Languages also goes a step further and includes culture notes that deepen your students’ knowledge of the Spanish language as well.

Read this Mango Languages review.

Flip Flop Spanish

Here’s a homeschool course that will keep your teenagers focused and is aimed at high school students. Even though Flip Flop Spanish delivers bitesize lessons of 20 minutes each, it will encourage your students to continue progressing.

What’s great about Flip Flop Spanish is they acknowledge the different learning styles of teenagers. They also have an incredible success rate with a wide range of students of all ages, and this includes middle and high school students.

From video courses aimed at Junior and High school students to resources and products such as flashcards, bingo and vocabulary builders, Flip Flop Spanish has all bases covered when it comes to homeschooling teenagers.

Homeschool Spanish Academy

The homeschool Spanish course for teenagers put together by the Homeschool Spanish Academy is a thorough course that focuses on grammar. But this course doesn’t stop there.

Your student will also hone their speaking skills with an instructor by speaking and listening. And for a more intensive learning experience, they can even choose to study individual sessions.

This homeschool Spanish course for teenagers is arranged according to their level. Whether your teenager is just beginning to understand the difference between ser and estar or have mastered present tense verb conjugation for regular verbs, they will learn and progress with the support of native speakers.

The course, as indicated by the name, is specifically designed to home educate teenagers from their own homes. It is flexible, detailed and will help put your teenager on the path to success.

Muzzy BBC

Muzzy BBC has won awards as a Spanish language course. It is specifically aimed at students aged between two to 12 — and younger teenagers as well.

One of the perks of Muzzy BBC is that if you’re a parent, you won’t need to know any Spanish to help your students learn the language. The courses are easy to understand and will appeal to your home-educated teenagers due to the video stories available.

Over 1,200 words are taught during the course. But what your teenagers will also learn are specific themes required to become fluent in Spanish. These themes include Spanish adjectives, verbs in the past tense and how to count in Spanish.

The Muzzy BBC homeschool course for teenagers comes with advice and hints related to how the course should be taught. The course was also designed in line with the British Council stipulations and follows the Common European Framework of References for Languages.


The Busuu language learning app has specific courses that are aimed at children between 11 and 14 years old. These courses are all free thanks to the Keep Kids Learning language lessons that were set up in 2020.

Courses aside, the Complete Spanish option that is part of the Busuu app is also a good choice for homeschooling teenagers. What makes this app ideal are its comprehensive lessons — they focus on plenty of new vocabulary and grammar.

Spanish students studying a Spanish course can back up their knowledge with the Busuu app, or start with the Busuu app and then go into detail with the Keep Kids Learning language lessons that Busuu offers. Give it a try and take a look at our review for more information.

Complete Spanish All-in-One

Some of the top homeschool Spanish courses available are the ones in coursebooks. The Complete Spanish All-in-One coursebook contains all your student needs to build vocabulary, master the past, present and future tenses and understand Spanish grammatical rules.

As an added perk, the Complete Spanish All-in-One even comes with an app that will help your home-educated teenagers progress through the coursebook! The app features a tracking element that will help your students see how they are progressing. It also features a range of flashcards to support their learning.

Students who are beginners will work their way through topics such as spelling, subject pronouns, the future tense, and later, reflexive verbs. They will also be introduced to irregular verbs and the essential verbs gustar, ser and estar, and will be able to practice these verbs in fill-in-the-blank sentences.

Pasos 1 Beginner’s Course

Pasos 1 is a coursebook with an extra CD and DVD. This is a great choice as a homeschool Spanish course for teenagers as it features language elements from Latin American Spanish and European Spanish. This option gives your students the choice to learn about both cultures, should they choose.

What your students will learn from the coursebook include topics such as and usted, plenty of Spanish vocabulary and phrases and how to construct sentences in Spanish.

This coursebook is full of entertaining activities, including crosswords and word searches. There are also other tasks, such as comprehension activities and conjugation activities to be completed, which will help your students on their way to Spanish fluency.

Ultimate Spanish Beginner-Intermediate Coursebook

For a homeschool Spanish coursebook that keeps the language learning process simple for students, the Ultimate Spanish Beginner-Intermediate Coursebook is a good option. As the title suggests, it’s perfect if you’re teaching a Spanish beginner.

This coursebook contains a total of 40 lessons, walkthroughs relating to Spanish grammar, activities and revision sections to help your students evaluate how they are doing and verb tables that make learning simpler.

It contains real-life dialogues as well, which will help develop your student’s listening skills.

GCSE Spanish AQA Complete Revision & Practice

This GCSE Spanish AQA Complete Revision & Practice was specifically designed for the GCSE Spanish course sat by students in the UK.

What makes this coursebook a useful course for home education is the structure it provides. Each section ends with a set of questions ideal to test your student’s knowledge. The question sections cover reading, writing, speaking and listening skills, and aim to take your homeschooled teenager’s knowledge to the next level.

This coursebook also features practice exams at the back of the book, which will help your students prepare well and pass all tested elements.

Easy Learning Spanish Complete Grammar, Verbs and Vocabulary

Introducing your homeschooled teenager to grammar, verbs and vocabulary is not as challenging as you might think with the Easy Learning Spanish coursebook. All of these elements are contained in this one coursebook.

In terms of vocabulary, it features 50 subjects, including leisure, health and education. It also features simple grammar explanations and a vast selection of 120 verbs (both regular and irregular ones).

This coursebook is thorough and structured, preparing students well for exams, as it’s perfect for revision.


You’ve surely heard of the Duolingo app.

It is a free language education app that is helping language learners of all ages master Spanish. If you’re not using it as a homeschool Spanish app for teenagers, here’s why it is beneficial.

Its appeal to younger students and homeschooled teenagers is clear to see. The contents of the app are arranged into levels that are accessed when your students win points.

The premise of this app is to make language learning fun, and it achieves this in concise lessons that keep students engaged.

See our Duolingo review.


Memrise is an app focused on teaching new words and vocabulary.

It was designed to help students learn and recall new phrases that they haven’t seen before.

The reason Memrise is a great app is that all phrases are selected by people whose first language is Spanish. There’s also the advantage of the 50,000 videos created by native speakers that coach students on pronunciation and how to speak with the perfect accent.

Home-schooled teenagers can choose between European Spanish and Mexican Spanish depending on the course they are studying.

Also, there’s one other perk of this app. Memrise is a two-in-one app — it even features some courses for homeschooled teenagers who are studying at beginner level.

See our Memrise review (you can also see this Duolingo vs Memrise comparison).


FluentU makes this list of homeschool apps for teenagers due to its wide selection of videos and transcripts.

These make learning fun, but so do the music videos and movie trailers that have been adapted to suit the learning requirements of homeschooled Spanish students.

Your student can use the FluentU app to monitor all new words and phrases they have encountered along the way.

But what the app also lets students do is let them know when certain topics need to be revisited — a bonus!

With an embedded dictionary that will give your student the definition of words and phrases, they will be able to consult examples and discover exactly how the word should be used.

See this FluentU review.

Help your homeschooled or locked-down Spanish students

Studying Spanish at home or under lockdown for teens is challenging, but with quality apps, courses and coursebooks at your disposal, you’ll be able to support their learning and encourage them to keep at it.

Consistency is crucial and can mean the difference between passing and failing Spanish.

I also highly recommend finding a private Spanish tutor or teacher on italki or Lingoda to supplement these resources with regular sessions.

Are there any other homeschool Spanish resources appropriate for high schoolers I should list here?

Add them in the comments section below!

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