Speaky Review: Hit And Miss Language Exchange App

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A useable language exchange app with a large userbase but a bit buggy to use.
Try Speaky

Pricing: Free version or $5.99 per month premium
  • Free to use
  • Sleek user interface
  • Large language learning community and hundreds of languages
  • Feature for chat
  • Not all language learners who have joined the community are focused on language learning.
  • App is quite buggy


A useful language exchange app that allows you to connect with native speakers of hundreds of languages around the world. A bit buggy but does what's intended even if you only use the free version.

The Speaky app was created in 2017 as a language exchange platform.

Its focus is to help its users discover languages through social interaction.

I’ve trialled the app and found that it has strong and weaker points. Here’s my review.

Features of Speaky

The main feature of Speaky is its community of language learners.

It also has a selection of advice when it comes to language exchange, and tools to make the learning process simpler.

These are more accessible on the app version compared with desktop.

Speaky’s community

What I found both useful and a hindrance when using Speaky is its community.

This feature lets you choose a user to exchange your target language with.

Choose the right language exchange partner and you will be on the right track. But here’s the downside.

The reason the community is a hindrance is that many “learners” were not interested in learning.

As some members were more focused on the social element of language exchange, this app can prevent you from progressing and learning.

Accurate corrections

I thought the corrections provided by Speaky’s tool were handy.

I relied on this as an intermediate Spanish student.

It’s a good feature that ensured that I got the syntax correct when chatting with some of the members of the community in Spanish.

One extra plus

The plus… is the price.

The fact is, Speaky is mostly free. Signing up and beginning the search for language exchange partners doesn’t require payment.

But many alternatives deliver a better experience — also for free — such as italki.

Plus, if you want to access the best features, such as an unrestricted number of translations, this will require payment — ($6 per month).

A limited number of features on desktop

There just aren’t many features to discuss when it comes to the desktop version.

It mainly boasts the community chat and the message history of your dialogues. On the mobile version, there are other features.

These features include a translation tool that will make communication a little easier.

All in all, the Speaky app is quite good.

But there are many limitations, such as the members of the community and the lack of features.

I would tentatively recommend this app, but there are other similar apps available that seem to be much better quality.

Explore your alternatives before deciding to use this tool.

Have you used Speaky before?

Share your thoughts below.

Pricing: Free version or $5.99 per month premium
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