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The Aboriginal Australian Languages Native To Each Capital

September 20, 2020
What are the indigenous languages from each Australian state or territory capital? Here's a summary of them all (alive and extinct).

How To Learn Minority and Endangered Languages With Little or No Resources

June 25, 2015
Often times it's a real struggle to find even one solid resource for a minority or endangered language. Here's what you can do.

Review: The Gaeilge Gan Stró Books and Ranganna.com Irish Language Course

February 07, 2013
Today I want to share a self-learning resource for the Irish language which I believe is superior to all the others currently available.

My Oideas Gael Review: Learning Irish In The Gaeltacht

September 04, 2012
Oideas Gael is probably the best known and most reputable program in Ireland for adult learners of Irish. Here's my review and experience taking the course.

Gaeltacht Immersion After 8 Months Of Learning Irish

August 09, 2012
I'll be heading to Ireland from Australia to catch the last week-long Irish immersion course at Oideas Gael, located in a village called Gleann Cholm Cille.

J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit - In The Irish Language!

July 15, 2012
Here's a wonderful treat for Irish learners in the lead-up the upcoming Peter Jackson film, The Hobbit.

Reflecting On My Progress With Irish Over The Last 6 Months

June 17, 2012
Almost exactly six months ago I announced my plans to learn Gaeilge on my own using online resources with no prior knowledge of the language at all.

Review: Bitesize Irish Gaelic

April 24, 2012
I was recently offered a complimentary membership for Bitesize Irish Gaelic, a handy resource for learning the Irish language...

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