100+ Unique Chinese Boy Names And Their Meanings

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100+ Unique Chinese Boy Names And Their Meanings

Looking for a unique Chinese boy name for your new addition to the family?

There are a vast number of Chinese boy names that carry special and unique meanings.

Some parents choose traditional names to carry the family’s heritage, and others select names that celebrate Chinese culture and express their hopes and dreams for their child’s future. Additionally, some names reflect and represent good virtues and character, such as wisdom, bravery, and loyalty.

If you need help picking a name for your newborn, I’ve got you covered.

The list below contains a list to inspire you, each with its own meaning and symbolism explained.

Let’s dive in.

Chinese name structure

Chinese names typically follow a different naming structure and convention.

In Western names, the given name appears before the family surname.

However, the opposite is true for Chinese names. Chinese names usually start with one character, the family surname, followed by either one or two characters that comprise the given name.

Sometimes, the middle character, which comes after the family name, is the “generation” name.

This character is chosen for all the boys in that generation, meaning all siblings and cousins will share the same “generation” name or middle character.

List of unique Chinese boy names

We’ve split our list into different categories based on the meaning and symbolism behind the names.

We’ve also included the Chinese characters and pinyin for each name.

Do note that a single Chinese character can be paired with different characters to create various names.

Desirable traits and virtues

The following are Chinese boy names that are inspired by good values and characteristics.

Chinese CharactersPinyinMeaning
晟烁Chéng ShuòThis name talks about a bright future and prosperity. It can also imply the person is resourceful and quick-witted.
恩乐Ēn Lè / Ēn YuèThe elements in this name include favor, harmony, and happiness.
翰俊Hàn JùnSome desirable traits contained in this name include great talent, intelligence, nobility, and an outstanding appearance.
浩贤Hào XiánAltogether, these characters talk about being virtuous, kind, talented, and respectful.
嘉豪Jiā HáoHappiness and joy are some elements in this name. It also implies that someone is outstanding and generous.
嘉俊Jiā JùnThis name depicts various positive characteristics, including happiness, kindness, joy, excellence, intelligence, and a handsome appearance.
家俊Jiā Jùn家 symbolizes a home and safe haven, while 俊 refers to a good-looking appearance, excellence, nobility, and great talent.
家乐Jiā Lè/Jiā Yuè家 means “family,” which, in Chinese culture, is a very important social structure. 乐 refers to joy, pleasure, and happiness.
家熙Jiā XīThe first character depicts family and can also imply a safe haven. The second character means “flourishing” and “harmonious.”
杰弘Jié HóngApart from describing someone who is outstanding in different ways, this name also implies magnificence and splendor.
杰棠Jié TángThis name means the person excels in many ways. Additionally, it symbolizes eternal youth and hopefulness.
竟锋Jìng FēngThis name describes someone who is unstoppable and fearless.
俊熹Jùn XīThis name describes someone who is intelligent, handsome, and outstanding.
俊熙Jùn XīPut together, these characters refer to great talent, prosperity, and good luck.
俊轩Jùn XuānThis name refers to being talented, good-looking, heroic, noble, and intelligent.
乐谦Lè QiānApart from talking about joy and happiness, this name also implies humility and modesty.
乐轩Lè XuānThis is a popular name that depicts happiness and joy.
润楚Rùn ChǔThis name symbolizes thoughtfulness and intelligence.
思澄Sī ChéngThis name talks about clarity in thoughts. It also implies having a unique vision and insight.
思齐Sī QíThis name depicts novel thinking and new ideas, as well as completion and fullness. It also talks about leadership and practicality.
炜泽Wěi Zé炜 speaks about light, which symbolizes intelligence and amazing achievements. The second character implies kindness and favor.
文轩Wén XuānThis name signifies gentleness, elegance, and success.
奕辰Yì ChénThis name implies that the person is courageous, intelligent, rational, and likely to succeed.
逸朗Yì LǎngWhen put together, these characters describe peace and freedom, as well as brightness and innocence.
奕泽Yì ZéThis name implies grace, kindness, and compassion.
勇猛Yǒng MěngThis name translates directly to “brave.” It describes a man who is powerful, courageous, and decisive.
勇气Yǒng QìThis name refers to someone who is strong, powerful, resolute, and bold.
裕民Yù MínWhile 裕 literally means richness and abundance, it can also refer to generosity. 民 is used to imply the hopes and wishes of people.
昱铮Yù ZhēngWhen used in a name, these characters describe a person who is bright, brilliant, virtuous, and upright.
卓峰 Zhuō Fēng卓 refers to someone who is superb and outstanding, while 峰 talks about the highest peak of the mountain.
卓谦Zhuō QiānAltogether, the two characters symbolize excellence, humility, and modesty.
卓希Zhuō XīWhen combined, these characters describe a bright future, talent, excellence, and elegance.
卓轩Zhuō XuānThis name describes a person who is brilliant and outstanding.
子朗Zi LǎngThe first character talks about an educated and virtuous person, while the second character translates to “bright” and “clear.”
梓乐Zǐ LèThis name depicts happiness and joy.
子谦Zi QiānWhile 子 literally means “son” or “child,” it can also refer to an educated and virtuous person. The second character speaks about humility and modesty.
子清Zi QīngWhen put together, these characters describe someone educated and virtuous who possesses integrity and purity.

Intelligence, talent, and greatness

Here are some Chinese boy names with an emphasis on intelligence, glory, and talent.

Chinese CharactersPinyinMeaning
晟光Chéng GuāngThe elements woven into this name include glory, splendor, prosperity, and leadership.
俊杰Jùn JiéThis name not only refers to someone who has impressive talent and wisdom but who is also good-looking.
俊希Jùn XīThere are numerous positive virtues weaved into this name, including excellence, nobility, intelligence, and a bright future.
淼锐Miǎo RuìThese characters imply greatness, intelligence, and sharpness.
明亮Míng LiàngThis name means brightness and clarity. It symbolizes wisdom, intelligence, and sharpness.
明显Míng XiǎnWhen combined, these characters refer to intelligence, wisdom, nobility, and prominence.
睿郎Ruì LángApart from describing someone who is intelligent and wise, this name also implies that the person has a calm mind.
睿哲Ruì ZhéAltogether, these characters describe someone who is smart, wise, and talented.
睿智Ruì ZhìThis name symbolizes wisdom, brightness, and resourcefulness. It also describes someone who is loyal and righteous.
晞哲Xī ZhéThe first character implies that the person has an open mind and amiable spirit. Meanwhile, the second character talks about someone who is wise, smart, and talented.
贤权Xián QuánThe characters in this name talk about someone who is virtuous and talented. It also implies being in a favorable and beneficial position.
煜赫Yù HèSome elements incorporated into this name include grandness, prestige, and prosperity.
煜煜Yù YùThis name means glory and splendor. It can also imply having a meticulous mind, fame, and fortune.
禹哲Yǔ ZhéThis name refers to someone who is smart and wise and has great talent.
智语Zhì YǔThe positive traits in this name include quick thinking, intelligence, wisdom, and eloquence of speech.

Bravery, strength and health

Chinese CharactersPinyinMeaning
勇希Yǒng XīThe first character describes someone who is brave and resolute. The second character implies elegance, talent, and a promising future.
子健Zǐ Jiàn子 means “son,” while 健 talks about being strong and healthy, as well as having great talent.
家健Jiā Jiàn家 talks about family, one of the most important social structures in Chinese culture. 健 implies that the person is healthy, strong, and talented.
俊雄Jùn XióngWhen combined, these characters describe someone who is powerful and strong and displays excellence. It can also mean that the person is very talented.
竣雄Jùn XióngThis is a rarer name that describes someone who is successful, strong, talented, and excellent.
志刚Zhì GāngThis name refers to being strong, young, and powerful. It can also be used to describe a strong ambition.
泽刚Zé GāngSome of the elements intertwined with this name include youth, strength, power, grace, and favor.
力行Lì XíngThis name refers to physical strength and power. It can also imply strength and determination to achieve a specific career goal or ambition.
力文Lì WénWhen combined, these characters form a name that symbolizes both physical strength as well as great effort in reaching a certain career goal. It can also imply elegance and vitality.
俊建Jùn JiànThis name symbolizes a handsome appearance, impressive talent, physical strength, and good health.


The following are names inspired by elements of nature.

Chinese CharactersPinyinMeaning
梓轩Zǐ XuānThe first character refers to a tree with wood used in construction. This name symbolizes wisdom, optimism, and positivity.
元云 Yuán Yún云 refers to clouds. Altogether, these characters describe someone who is successful and highly respected.
雨泰Yǔ Tài雨 means “rain.” This name symbolizes peace, tranquillity, stability, and success.
恩晨Ēn Chén晨 means “dawn” or “early morning.” This name talks about favor, a positive attitude, and a successful career.
旭柳Xù Liǔ旭 translates to “light” or “rising sun.” Meanwhile, 柳 refers to the willow tree. When combined, these characters refer to someone who possesses good qualities, like being generous, helpful, charming, and attractive.
若星Ruò Xīng星 talks about the bright and shining stars in the sky. This name describes someone who is innovative, ambitious, and ready to take on challenges.
宇航Yǔ Háng宇 translates to “world” or “universe,” while 航 refers to a ship or sailing. These characters create a name that implies being majestic, elegant, and successful.
星奎Xīng KuíThe first word refers to the stars in the sky. Meanwhile, the second character is the name of one constellation. Altogether, this name implies having a bright future and being educated and talented.
曜光 Yào Guāng曜 means “dazzle” or “light,” while 光 refers to “brightness” and “brilliance.”
泽森Zé Sēn泽 and 森 both refer to densely growing trees and plants. This name symbolizes grace, favor, and the act of flourishing.
志森Zhì SēnThe 森 refers to a forest or dense trees. This name talks about intelligence, ambition, and perseverance.
梓朗Zǐ Lǎng梓 is a type of tree, and 朗 means “bright” or “clear.” This name talks about being patient and observant and successfully achieving ambitions.
子榕Zi Róng子 means “son,” while 榕 refers to an evergreen tree. This name implies that the person is brave, tenacious, and knowledgeable.
思榕Sī Róng榕 refers to an evergreen tree, which symbolizes tenacity and happiness.
海铭Hǎi Míng海 refers to the ocean. This name depicts bravery, fearlessness, and perseverance.
海天Hǎi Tiān海 means “ocean,” while 天 refers to the “sky.” This name describes someone who is enthusiastic, tenacious, and likely to succeed.
冬阳Dōng Yáng冬 refers to “winter,” and 阳 means “sunshine.”
宇轩Yǔ XuānThis is an increasingly popular masculine-sounding name that literally translates to “universe pavilion.”
柏宇Bǎi yǔ柏 is the cypress or cedar tree, which can symbolize different things in Chinese culture, including good luck, abundance, and longevity.
沐辰Mù Chén沐 means “to bathe or cleanse,” and 辰 means “day” or “stars.” This name implies that the child will grow into someone who is virtuous, talented, and honest with a thriving career.
沐阳Mù Yáng阳 means “sun” or “sunshine,” but can also imply warmth. This name describes someone who is cheerful, hardworking, talented, and responsible.
伟洪Wěi Hóng洪 refers to a “flood.” The elements weaved into this name include magnificence, ambition, wisdom, and courage.
衍桦Yǎn Huà桦 refers to the “birch tree.” 衍桦 describes prosperity, abundance, greatness, and uprightness.
天乐Tiān Yuè天 literally translates to “sky” but can also refer to “outer space.” This name depicts that the baby will grow up to be happy, capable, open-minded, and knowledgeable.
天朗Tiān Lǎng天 means “sky.” This name depicts a person who is witty, clever, and meticulous.
卓霖Zhuō LínThe first character means “outstanding” or “superb.” The second character translates to continuous heavy rain.
楠佑Nán YòuThe first character means “evergreen trees,” which signifies nobility and stability. The second character translates to “to bless or help.”
曦泓Xī Hóng曦 talks about sunshine. Meanwhile, 泓 means “deep water,” which implies great intelligence and talent.
柏熹Bǎi Xī柏 translates to the cypress tree, which is associated with good luck, youth, and long life.

Precious stones and treasure

The names below are based on precious items, like gemstones and treasure.

Chinese CharactersPinyinMeaning
家宝Jiā Bǎo宝 literally means “jade,” but it is also used to refer to precious items. 家宝 directly translates to “family treasure.”
宝霖Bǎo Lín宝 can mean different things, such as “sapphire” or “treasure.” Meanwhile, 霖 refers to pouring, continuous rain.
璟升Jǐng Shēng璟升 is a rare and unique name. The first character describes the brilliance and shine of precious stones, while the second character means “rising” or “upward.” This name depicts someone who is brilliant, skilled, and knowledgeable.
琰京Yǎn Jīng琰 translates directly to “the shine or glitter of gems.” Not only does this name imply prosperity, but it also depicts perfection and purity.
喜玉Xǐ Yù喜 means “happiness” and “joy,” while 玉 refers to beautiful and precious stones or gems. This name symbolizes nobility, beauty, determination, and perseverance.
瑞珑Ruì Lóng瑞 means good luck, fortune, and auspiciousness. 珑 literally translates to the tinkling or clinking sound made by precious gems and stones.
金城Jīn Chéng金 literally translates to “gold” or “precious metal.” 城 refers to high walls and cities.
金豪Jīn Háo金 means “gold,” and 豪 refers to someone who is impressively wise, talented, courageous, and generous.
汶瑾Wèn JǐnThe second character means “jade” and signifies purity, nobility, and virtue.
庭玮Tíng WěiThe second character in the name refers to a beautiful jade, which signifies excellence and beauty.

Considerations when choosing a Chinese boy name

Once you’ve narrowed down your options, you can keep several considerations in mind when choosing the best Chinese boy name for your baby.

Firstly, consider the meaning behind the name.

In Chinese culture, the meaning of a name holds great importance. This is why many parents love names that symbolize virtuous traits, luck, prosperity, and happiness.

I’d also advise you check that the name matches your surname well, as combining the surname with the given name could create a homophone with a completely different meaning.

Some parents also consider the birth date and zodiac sign of the child. By examining the zodiac sign of the child, they will then pick out auspicious characters to ensure harmony and balance.

Keep in mind that you’d probably want to avoid naming your baby after a celebrity or an older relative.

Finally, your family might have a set generational name for all siblings and cousins in the same generation. This means that all children born in this generation share a specific character in their given name.

Looking for Chinese girl names? I covered that here.

Did we miss out on any nice or cute names for a baby boy?

**If so, let us know in the comments below! **

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